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The A-Team Movie
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The A-Team Resource Page

About The Site:
What Is The A-Team?
The A-Team was a hit television show from the mid-1980's. It was about a crack commando unit who were wrongly accused of a crime they did not commit.

In the show The A-Team help people who are faced by individuals out to hurt or kill them. The A-Team is pursued by the military who want to capture the A-Team to bring them to trial for the crimes they didn't commit.

The A-Team is made up of four main characters, the leader being Hannibal Smith (played by the late George Peppard), B.A. Baracus (played by Mr T.), Templeton 'Face Man' Peck (played by Dirk Benedict) and Howling Mad Murdock (played by Dwight Schultz).

The show spanned five seasons and during the first four the A-Team are on the run from the military, but for the fifth season they are captured and sent on 'suicide' missions.

What's This Site About?
This site was created as a resource for the A-Team. Here you will find many things not available on any other A-Team site on the internet. To browse the site, choose one of the sections at the top of the page. Inside each section you will find many sub-sections.

The site contains the latest A-Team related news, loads of information, excellent rare downloads, and a few interactive sections where your input is preferred.

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Registration opens quite a few options for you on this site. Registration is free and only takes about one minute to complete. You will also be able to comment on most pages on the site, rate images and more. You can register here if you are not already a member.
Latest Images:
Added: 19 Jul 2015
NBC A-Team Promotional Image
Added: 30 Dec 2012
NBC A-Team Promotional Image
Added: 30 Dec 2012
NBC A-Team Promotional Image
Added: 30 Dec 2012

19 Jul 2015Mythbusters - The A-Team Special
Adam and Jamie test myths related to the '80s TV series, "The A-Team."

Can you build a propane-powered log cannon with tools found in any lumber yard?

Does putting dynamite under a manhole cover reduce its lethality?

19 Jul 2015Everything Wrong With The A-Team In 16 Minutes Or Less
A run down of all the wrong things about the movie.

Updated today : Episode guide, minor updates.
30 Jan 2013A-Team 30 Years Old!
Wow, hard to believe, but it has been 30 years since the pilot episode 'Mexican Slayride' was first shown on television.

Happy 30th birthday.

Also regarding updates, quotes are being added frequently as well as various updates to the new episode guide.

28 Sep 2012RIP Lance LeGault
Sad news, Lance LeGault passed away on 10th September 2012. For many of us he was our favorite A-Team nemesis.


Veteran actor and Loving Father Lance LeGault has passed away peacefully in the comfort of his Los Angeles Home, surrounded by his family on September 10, 2012 at 12:30pm. Lance was born in Chillicothe, IL an orphan and had a defining childhood which made him the great man he is. At the age of 13 he was working on the railroads which led up to his first break on the screen as an extra in a John Wayne film. John Wayne was so pleased with Lance and his ability to be a real cowboy, he told Lance he should move to California. Lance also a musician started playing music in night clubs in Las Vegas and in Los Angeles opening for Sinatra himself. He then later attracted a very well known musician “The King of Rock and Roll” Elvis Presley. Lance played many shows with Elvis and Doubled him in several movies like Kissing Cousins, Viva Las Vegas and Roustabout to name a few.

Lance played several Characters in TV series through the 70's, but in 78' he landed the role of Vince in COMA with Michael Douglas. The Incredible Hulk, Captain America and Battlestar Galatica followed COMA into the early 80's. Making a name for himself as a tough SOB Playing Colonel Glass in the hit movie Stripes starring John Candy, and Bill Murray. Glen Larson creator of Knight Rider once described his voice as “four octaves lower than God’s”. Known for his deep, low, gravely voice that earned himself roles in Airwolf as D.G Bogard, Iron Eagle, and Colonel Roderick Decker in The hit series The A-TEAM. In addition, Lance has done voice work for commercials such as (Burger King, Dodge, Pace Picante, 7up) cartoons and videogames as well as the narrator of the tour audiotape for Elvis Presley's Graceland Mansion and Museum in Memphis, Tennessee.

Lance LeGault's final appearance will be seen in the upcoming comedy starring Paul Rudd in 2013 titled Prince Avalanche. Lance was married for 35 years to Teresa LeGault and had 4 children together. Mary 25yrs, the oldest of the 4 an actor, Marcus 23yrs, a Mathematics Major graduate from Master’s College, Teresa D. 16yrs, a junior in High School that plays volleyball and youngest Lance E. 14yrs, a High School freshman and football player.

Memorial Service will be heard Saturday Sep. 22nd 2012 at 1:00pm: Forest Lawn Memorial Park, in Hollywood Hills.

Source :

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Official Site
23 Dec 2011Merry Christmas And A Happy 2012
The A-Team Resource Page wishes you a merry Christmas and all the best for 2012. Hopefully in the new year we will have more time to update the site fully now the backend seems to be working well.
25 Oct 2011Episode Guide
Maybe not much is happening on the index page for the site, but behind the scenes i am working hard on the A-Team episode guide. You can check out the work in progress here : Episode Guide

I am hoping also to add pictures for every episode eventually and also quotes from every episode too. If anyone wants to help out please let me know either by email or via the site discussion link.

Even if you want to submit episode reviews, anything is welcome.
10 Oct 2011RIP Charles Napier

Charles Napier played the role of Colonel Briggs. He passed away of Wednesday October 5th 2011. Rest in peace.

His obituary is here :
15 Aug 2011A-Team Resource Asks Dirk Benedict Three Questions
Here are a few questions that i was able to ask Dirk Benedict. This was done with the help of Tracy from Dirk Benedict Central these questions were asked in 2002.

What is your favorite memory from your time spent on the set of the A-Team?

"They day they fired Melinda Culea. Just Kidding. My favorite memory is the first day I worked on the show (I wasn't in the pilot) and George Peppard was watching me work and after a scene he came up to me and said,"Great. I'm glad you are here. Now we have a hit." Incidentally, he was never that nice to me again."

Which person did you get along with most, George Peppard, Mr T or Dwight Schultz, why?

"Got along with all of them. Loved all of them. But Dwight and I became and remain very close. I respect him on many levels. As an actor, intellect, father and most of all for his passion for life. A difficult guy to be around as his very presence challenges you. Rare. And wonderful."

If you are not playing the part of Face Man in the new A-Team movie, who would you choose?

"I will not be playing the part of Face Man. That I can guarantee. They would rather have Brandon de Wilde (and he's dead.) than me. I can't think of anyone. Mel Gibson would have been great but he and I look the same age and so asume he is now too old in studio's eyes. Owen Wilson comes to mind. And one of the actors from Friends TV show, can't remember his name.

The one who got married on the show. Tallest of the bunch. Name escapes me. Not the slouchy one, or the one with the spikey hair, think his name is Mathew Perry, but then it might be the "other" one. Brad Pitt is not good enough at light comedy. George Clooney is too self confident. Faceman was always "off balance" and considered himself to be better at everything than he actually was. A basic low self esteem issue. A (very) young James Garner would be perfect. Better yet, Jack Lemon."
10 Aug 2011Polls + YouTube Clips
You can now take part in the polls on this site too. Vote for your favourite episode, cast member here. Note you have to be a registered member to cast your vote.


I have also added a load of A-Team related clips, interviews, adverts, etc to the video gallery.

If you know of more please add them using the YouTube BB Code.


Above without the spaces.
28 Jul 2011The Gallery
The gallery contains loads of A-Team pictures. We now have nearly 500 images uploaded and many more to come. Here are a few of the best ones:
12 Jul 2011YouTube Channel Added!
The A-Team Resource page is now on YouTube. Visit it today and see some of our favorite YouTube videos. There are hours worth of A-Team related movies on YouTube.

YouTube Channel

There is also a link at the bottom of everypage.
9 Jul 2011Liam Neeson On Possibility Of The A-Team Movie Having A Sequel
From DVD & Blu-Ray Review Summer 2011 Issue

You made The A-Team last year. Will there be a sequel?

"I don't think there is going to be. But i'd love to do one. It was a fun ride, and it wasn't as hammy as the series, which was a good thing. But the powers that be released it during the World Cup, which was very insprired..."

I thought the movie was great, i would love to see a sequel too, but unfortunately the box office receipts will probably mean that we won't see another.
17 Jun 2011Season Boxsets

Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Season 5
The A-Team complete season boxsets were updated in 2010. I think you will agree that the new design is much better.
6 Jun 2011Worlds Craziest Fools
Premiers tonight (6th June 2011) on BBC 3 in the UK. This is a ten part series containing clips of people being stupid!

Mr T takes a look at some of the craziest clips from around the world. Watch as tyres, alcohol, and people's general stupidity lead to some very funny accidents.

Have watched the first couple of episodes and the clips are really funny. Mr T makes a good host too and there are a few A-Team related comments too.

Official BBC Webpage - Watch episodes and clips online.
30 May 2011We Are Back!
Welcome to the new A-Team Resource Page. As you can see it is still a work in progress.

There is still lots of information to be added, but we will get there in the end.

New members are welcome to register and submit comments and hopefully more interactive features will be enabled in the future.

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