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The A-Team Movie
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Volume 1 Issue 10

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The totally unofficial A-Team electronic mail newsletter

Submission address:
Administrivia: Nicole Pellegrini,
DATE: January 15, 1995

Happy New Year everyone!!!

Welcome again to all old subscribers, and to several new
subscribers who wrote me over break. I hope to see this
group make it through the coming year and continue to grow.

First, a bit of administrivia (as usual):
Most likely, due to time constraints on my part (now that
I finally have a research project and will be living out
of my lab...), the newsletter will go on a bi-weekly
schedule, instead of every week, unless for some reason
the volume of mail every week goes up significantly.

On to other better things...
Thanks to those who have sent in their surveys. However,
so far there haven't been enough responses to compile the
results into anything meaningful. So, to be a pain, I'm
going to send it out again with this issue and give another
few weeks for responding. If you don't want to/can't answer
all the questions, that's no big deal, just answer what you
can. I just want to know a little more about who is here,
what type of material you might be interested in seeing here
in the future, that sort of stuff.

Info for memorabilia collectors: I recently got two
catalogs from a guy named Howard Rogofsky, one is of old
TV Guides only, the other included old issues of many
different magazines and tons of other tv/movie/music related
memorabilia. He has a fair number of A-Team items, including
stuff like Jigsaw puzzles, posters, photo yearbooks, that sort
of stuff. Unfortunately, most of it very expensive and
therefore out of the budget range of yours truly. Like,
several magazines I would have liked to have picked up
because of interviews with cast members all ran $40-60 per issue!
Anyway, if anyone if interested, his address is:

Howard Rogofsky
P.O. Box 107
Glen Oaks, N.Y. 11004

The big catalog is $3.00, and the TV Guide catalog is $2.00.

Coming next edition, I promise: The text of the first big
article from the U.S. TV Guide on The A-Team. Has some
nice, if short, interviews with the cast, and was written
during the filming of the first Marla Heasley episode,
"The Battle of Bel-Air."

Now I'm off to finish unpacking and then watch some A-team
(what else!)

until later...
Quote of the week:
"Paint the entire ship? I'd rather eat my cigar!"
--Hannibal in "Moving Targets"

Date: Sun, 1 Jan 1995 23:30:43 -0330 (NST)
From: Tara Murphy
To: Nicole N Pellegrini
Subject: Re: October Digests
In-Reply-To: <>
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Content-Type: TEXT/PLAIN; charset=US-ASCII
Content-Length: 1319

Thanks for the back issues, and for putting me on the list. I'm printing
them all out for a friend who sadly lacks access to the Net. _She's_ the
true fan and collector, but I recall vividly the time my sister and I
spent watching that show and calling my friend at the commercials. We
originally started watching the show because we were big Battlestar
Galactica fans. You can imagine our reaction when the Cylon first
appeared in the opening credits!

I haven't finished reading all the back issues, but I do have a few
comments that I hope haven't been covered yet:

The van started out black and red, but changed to black and silver with a
red stripe in season three (I think it was season three. We don't get the
shows here so all this is pretty hazy for me).

I have "Alone in the Dark" on tape. It is pretty creepy, and yet pretty
cheesy at the same time. It is odd to see Schultz to play such a serious
character. I kept expecting him to start acting like a loon. I'm used to
it now :) He plays a psychiatrist who is trapped in his home by a trio of
lunatics who escaped during a blackout. Talk about role reversal! I'm
pretty sure it is available on video.

Keep up the good work!

Tara Murphy | "I suggest a new strategy Artoo. | Let the Wookiee win."

(The following letter was to me personally but contains some
info of interest I think to everyone here)

Date: Sun, Jan 8, 1995 3:32 PM EST
Subj: A-Team
To: Nicpell

Hi. I'm a big A-Team fan. Was really happy to find a download of an A-Team
newsletter on AOL. Had trouble reading it though. I'm on a PC, not a MAC.
Please send me information on subscribing to your mailing list.

I thought I should mention, I have access to a really nice A-Team episode
guide. I did a multimedia 'zine, DISTASIS, five years or so ago. I still
have about a dozen copies available if anyone's interested. It has a very
complete episode guide for A-Team that runs about 48 pages single spaced. It
was put together by Michele Lellouche and is the best guide on the A-Team
that I've seen. My 'zine also have a couple of A-Team stories. One by Susan
Garrett, who writes wonderful A-Team stuff.

As you can probably tell, I'm really interested in fanzines. I've done a lot
of A-Team fan stories and have been having trouble finding places to send
them recently. If anyone knows of 'zines or places to send A-Team fiction,
it would be greatly appreciated. Even have an A-Team script I wrote that
never got produced. They changed the format of the show just about the time
I finally got it submitted.

Also, thought you might like to know that when Dirk Benedict was asked if
there'd ever be any new A-Team TV shows or specials at the Battlestar
Galactica 15th Yahren Reunion, he said no way. Well, it would have been nice
if they had a revival. Hear, a Galactica revival is still a remote

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Laura Michaels

As someone who recently aquired a copy of DISTASIS, I must say
how pleased I am to have heard from Laura and to have her on the
list! I would encourage anyone interested in A-Team fan fiction--
or Star Trek, Gallactica, Quantum Leap, Star Wars, Dr.Who, and cross-
universal fan fiction to write her and get one of those remaining
copies!! The fiction is GREAT, especially a hilarious A-Team/Star
Wars crossover script. And the episode guide is great too, noting a
lot of little in-jokes, movie/tv references, weekly ratings for each
episode, stuff like that. Also, it contains an extensive bibliography
which gives any obsessive A-Team fan plenty of research material to
look up.

Another good episode guide appeared in the magazine Epi-Log,
in issues #18 and #19, May 1992 and June 1992. If you want REALLY
detailed plot descriptions, check this one out. The guide comes
complete with a lot of large, great pictures of the team from seasons
1-5. Anyway, if you want to try to locate a copy of these issues,
the address for the magazine is

Epi-Log magazine
PO Box 1322
Dunlap, TN 37327

And if you write please include an SASE to be polite.

Subj: WWW
Date: Thu, Jan 12, 1995 8:53 AM EST
From: ipcjmm@Skferc.NL
Sender: ipcjmm@Skferc.NL
Reply-to: ipcjmm@Skferc.NL


Date: 1995-Jan-11 09:14 CDT
From: Jasper Molenmaker
Dept: Inf. Systems & Process
Tel No: 03402-75679

TO: Remote Addressee ( _INET"""ONTHEJAZZ@AOL.COM""" )

Subject: WWW

Hello to everybody,

First I would like to give my best wishes to all of you for 1995.

As Nicole mentioned in on of the issues, I put up a WWW-page with a section
devoted to this mailing list.

Maybe you have visited my page already. You could have seen a pretty dull
To improve it, I would like to ask everybody to send his/her ideas to me. Or
maybe you have some pictures (gif,jpg) about the A-team, I would also like to

receive them. So can send you (uuencoded) E-mail messages to: or (until June 30)

My WWW-page can be reached on:
If that doesn't work you can try

Thanks for your help,


Thanks Jasper, for the work on the WWW site. I have some
photos that I would love to send in for the site, but
I don't have access to a scanner so I can turn them into
gifs or jpgs. If you do - or if anyone else here does and
can help, let me know, and I'll send you copies of my

And now, time for the
On the Jazz Subscribers Survey!!! once again...
If you can take a little time to fill this out it would be most
Answer as many or as few questions as you can, but the more people
that respond the better! Responses will be accepted for the next
few weeks and results posted shortly thereafter.

General info
[1] Your age:

[2] Sex:

[3] Country of residence:

[4] What other tv programs, besides the A-Team, are you a fan of
(old or new)?

[5] Would you say that you
1. Watch tons of tv (at least several hours every day)
2. Watch some tv (not more than an hour or two a day)
3. Watch very little tv (not more than a few hours a week at most)

[6] Are you a member of other fan-clubs or email-groups? How many?

A-Team questions: For multiple choice questions, brief explantions
for your choices are encouraged!

[7] How long have you been a fan of The A-Team?

[8] Do you still watch the show:
1. On video tape
2. In syndicated reruns
3. I haven't seen the show in ----- years

[9] On a scale of 1 to 10, how big of a fan of the A-Team would you
consider yourself (10 being totally-obsessively-fanatical)?

[10] Who was your favorite member of the team?
1. Hannibal
2. B.A.
3. Face
4. Murdock

[11] Your favorite A-team accessory?
1. Amy
2. Tawnia
3. Frankie
4. The Van

[12] Your least favorite accessory?

[13] Who was your favorite military bad-guy?
1. Lynch
2. Decker
3. Briggs
4. Fulbright

[14] Your least favorite bad-guy?

(Note: I couldn't decide whether to list Stockwell as an accessory
or a bad-guy. Feel free to choose him as a write-in for either).

[15] Who was your favorite guest star ever on the show?

[16] What were your top 5 favorite episodes? (If you don't know the titles,
just give a brief description, or the air-date from the episode list)

[17] What were your least favorite episodes?

[18] Which season of shows, as a whole, did you think was the best?
1. 1st season
2. 2nd season
3. 3rd season
4. 4th season
5. 5th season

[19] The worst season?

[20] If you had to pick one reason why you liked the show, what would
it be?



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