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Volume 1 Issue 15

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The totally unofficial A-Team electronic mail newsletter

Submission address:

Administrivia: Nicole Pellegrini
Please use the following addresses for subscribe/unsubscribe
and back issue requests:,

DATE: March 26, 1995

Welcome to yet another edition of On the Jazz, I have a number
of things to bring up this issue, let's see if I can remember
them all...

Dwight Schultz will have a guest role in this Friday's (3/31/95)
episode of "Diagnosis Murder", which airs on CBS, 8 PM EST. So
remember to check it out if you're a fan, I think he's playing
the Bad-Guy-of-the-Week.


First the answer to last issue's question. Marla Heasley appeared
briefly (and briefly attired) in the episode "Bad Time on the
Border," as Cherise, one of the boat girls (or more aptly,
"twits," as Valerie described them to me. Thanks Val :-)). Truly a
memorable (not) performance.

This week I present the mighty trivia challenge

"Aliases 'R Us"

Can you identify which team members assumed which of the following
aliases in the persuit of a scam? Can you also name which episode the
alias was used in? Some of these are more obscure than others...

1. Joe Morgan
2. Colonel Bradley Lexington
3. Clarence Wilkinson
4. Sean O'Shay
5. Dick Nash
6. Ashley Hemmings
7. Volcano Johnson
8. Mrs. Murdock
9. Carlos "Blue Moon" Mendoza
10. Dr. Pepper

And the bonus question...
11. Donny and "Marie" (!?)


If you wrote either myself or Frank about the A-Team comic book
offer, you should here back from him soon about how to arrange
to get your copy (or copies) if you haven't already...I got mine
this past week and thoroughly enjoyed it. The artwork wasn't
especially great, but the three stories were really funny and there
were some truly classic Hannibal & Murdock lines. And nothing
beats having Mr. T take on a Sumo wrestler, one of those things that
could ONLY happen in a comic book.

A number of people have sent me responses to the survey since
I posted the results in February, or have asked me if they could
still reply. The answer is yes! I will keep accepting surveys,
in fact I now send out a copy to all new subscribers in order
to get a general feeling for the opinions of our members. So go
on and send them in, or ask me for a new copy if you need it.
If and when I get enough new replies I will post modified
results & comments.

I also wanted to post some updated information on the A-Team fanzine
I'm working on, as it has progressed from a vague proposal to
something that's definitely going to "come together."
It's going to be called "Scams, Plans, & Vans" and is open for
contributions on anything related to the A-Team: original
stories, artwork, essays, reviews, filks (song parodies), etc.
I currently have lined up about at least 60 pages of stories to
be included by myself and other authors, and several information-
based articles as well. As I would like to be ready to print
the 'zine by mid-June/early July in order to meet summer advertising
deadlines in various adzines, I will be accepting additional
material up through the end of May, and would like to encourage
anyone on this group that is interested to participate. Contact
me through private email if you think you might be interested or
have any more specific questions about the project.

Miscellaneous thoughts...

Last weekend I caught what I think was a repeat episode of "Renegade,"
and was much surprised and happy to see Lance Legault in a guest-
starring role. The weirdest thing about the show was that he was
actually playing a GOOD guy, I just had the hardest time not cracking
up while watching him as this sweet old grandfather. Of course,
I also kept having this sick thought about how cool it would be if
suddenly he appeared in his old Decker uniform, with Captain Crane
at his side, yelling, "Give it up Reno! I've been setting this
operation up for months and now you're days on the run are over!"
Well, it *would* have made for a more interesting episode...perhaps
it's a good start for a 'zine story though...

Finally this week, I would like to try to start up some sort of
discussion thread here, as unsuccessful as such efforts have been in
the past...anyway, I was thinking that since this group is called
"On the Jazz," what exactly does being "on the jazz" mean to you?
Have you ever been "on the jazz" yourself? I'd like to hear what
people think. I'll let this issue's quote from the "Labor Pains"
episode inspire some thoughts on this topic.

Next issue, I have some interesting Mr. T bio information that I
will try to have ready to present.

Until then,

Quote of the week:

"The jazz is all the Twinkies you can eat and Woody Woodpecker
cartoons 24 hours a day..."

"...It's sort of nature's way of putting your fingers in a
light socket. Our problem is, [Hannibal] likes it."

--Murdock & Face from "Labor Pains"
------------------------* End *------------------------------


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