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7. Thanks, References And Document History

The following people all contributed information that helped with the compilation of this FAQ list. Thanks to all of them for their help, and my apologies if I've forgotten anyone!

James Bambauer, for Peru-tv information.

Christopher Bender, for providing information on the A-Team vehicles.

Peter Hewlitt, for information on the A-Team paperbacks and the A-Team cd.

Justin T. Huang, for information on A-Team weaponry.

Brandon Kaonohi, who looked up credits on some of the A-Team crew and provided questions and other stuff!

Michele Lellouche. A big thanks here - her wonderful A-Team episode guide/bibliography/history in the 1990 fanzine DISTASIS (published by Laura Michaels) was the source for much of the information here on Cannell, NBC, A-Team ratings, production changes, etc., etc. She deserves much of the credit for researching all this stuff and then allowing me to use her guide as a basis for much of the material here.

Adam Marti, for suggestions on the origins of the "A-Team" designation.

Laura Michaels, for letting me use the information in DISTASIS.

Kenny Moir, for providing a copy of an obituary on George Peppard from "USA Today."

Tracey Phillips, for Raleigh-area TV info.

"Rich" in Australia, for Australian airing times.

Rita Ractliffe, who took the time to look up all of Hannibal's medal's while researching a story.

Sarah Tindall, who wrote a piece called "Templeton Peck" which appeared in the fanzine "Face to Face" (from Halo Press, now out-of-print) and made one of the most valiant attempts at piecing together Peck's biography from all the conflicting information on the show. I used this bio as a basis for much of the information included here on his bio, but not all of it because I did not agree with some of the author's conjectures on how it fit together.

Nancy Lynn Wilson, for DC-area TV info.

THE A-TEAM FILE, Issues 1 and 2, fanzines published in 1983 and 1984, respectively. Published by AAA Press, 92 Thurlow Park Road, West Dulwich, London SE21 8HY, England. Used for biographical information on the cast.

DISTASIS, edited by Laura Michaels, fanzine published 1990. In particular the document "A-Team Episode Guide" by Michelle Lellouche. A few copies of this 'zine may still be available, you can email or write to her at PO Box 6514, Delray Beach, FL, 33482, USA for further information.

EPI-LOG, The Television Magazine of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Adventure, Issues 18 (May 1992) and 19 (June 1992). These two issues contained an extensive A-Team episode guide. Copies may still be available by writing to: Epi-log magazine, PO Box 1322, Dunlap, TN 37327.

THE INTERNET MOVIE DATABASE,which was used for locating cast & crew credits.

TV GUIDE. The following issues: March 10, 1984 ("Six Days with The A-Team?"), November 29, 1986 ("Kicked Around, 'The A-Team' Seeks Nielsen Revenge.")

SHORE LEAVE 17 Program Book.

"Wacko," US MAGAZINE, (unknown Issue, date.) Article on Dwight Schultz.

July 16, 1996: Version 1.0b first released.
July 22, 1996: Version 1.0. Some typos & formatting problems fixed. Information added to H.M. Murdock's "Bio," Dirk Benedict's Bio, Marla Heasley's Bio, Melinda Culea's Bio, Rob Bowman's credits, famous guest stars, Face's corvette, Raleigh N.C. dropping the show.
July 26, 1996: Version 1.01 Formatting changes/typos corrected. Noted more episodes where Marla Heasley appeared. Added question regarding A-Team sound and movie files on the web page.
July 28, 1996: Version 1.02. Small corrections made, added information on Australian airing times.
September 25, 1996: Version 1.03. Added information on "A-Team" name, updated airing information.
April 08, 2000: Updated some parts.


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