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Volume 1 Issue 16

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The totally unofficial A-Team electronic mail newsletter

Submission address:

Administrivia: Nicole Pellegrini
Please use the following addresses for subscribe/unsubscribe
and back issue requests:,

DATE: April 10, 1995

Greetings, everyone. A couple big things to mention right
off the bat this issue, my apologies for its tardiness. First,
it may soon be possible, thanks to some extra effort by one of
our subscribers, that this group will go real-time instead of
digest. Hopefully this would encourage some discussions to get
started. I will still plan on putting out on a regular basis
a 'newsletter' of info, trivia and stuff like that, but messages
sent to the email site would be automatically and immediately
forwarded to everyone on the group. Anyway, I will keep
everyone updated on the progress of these changes.

I recently received some information on a Star Trek convention
to be held in Maryland this summer, which may be
of particular interest to some of you here. Why? Because one
of the confirmed guests is Dwight Schultz! Here's the
important info, straight off the email flyer:

Shore Leave 17

July 7 - 9, 1995

Hunt Valley Mariott Inn
Shawan Rd.,Hunt Valley, MD
Tel. (410)785-7000 (make your own res.)

Confirmed Guests:
Garrett Wang (Ensign Harry Kim on VOY)
Dwight Schultz (Lt. Barclay on TNG; also guested on B-5)
Ann C. Crispin (ST novel author)
Carmen Carter (ST novel author)
Brad Ferguson (ST novel author)
Howard Weinstein (ST novel and comics author)
Bob Greenberger (ST novel and comics author)
Tim DeHaas (ST script author)
Bob Eggleton (ST and SF artist)
Joan Winston (ST fandom legend)
Jaqueline Lichtenberg (ST fandom legend)
Steve Wilson (ST comics author)
Bob Pinaha (DC Comics)
Kirk Borne (Astronomer, Space Telescope)
Warren Hack (Space Telescope Science Institute)
Anne Kinney (Astronomer, Space Telescope)
Christian Ready (Science Planning Specialist, Space Tel.)
Patricia Vener-S. (Technical Specialist, Goddard SFC)
more guests TBA

Shore Leave 17 is produced by the Star Trek Association of Towson Inc.,
a not-for-profit organization in Towson, Maryland.

For updated information please call our 24-hr hotline at (410)821-5563.
Direct any questions you may have to me (, the above hotline,
or write to: Shore Leave 17, PO Box 6809, Towson, MD 21285-6809.

Anyway, I'm planning on going, if anyone else here is interested let
me know, 'cause it would be cool to meet up with another TAT fan or
two while there.

And now, onto the answers to last week's trivia challenge:
>Can you identify which team members assumed which of the following
>aliases in the persuit of a scam? Can you also name which episode the
>alias was used in?

>1. Joe Morgan
Face in "The White Ballot" ("I lost?!")

>2. Colonel Bradley Lexington
Murdock in "Diamonds 'n Dust"

>3. Clarence Wilkinson
Hannibal in "The Taxicab Wars". Actually it should be Clarence
Wilkinson the THIRD, to be precise.

>4. Sean O'Shay
Hannibal in "The Big Squeeze"

>5. Dick Nash
Murdock in "In Plane Sight" ("Oh, grape. I don't like grape.")

>6. Ashley Hemmings
Face in "Members Only"

>7. Volcano Johnson
BA in "Champ!"

>8. Mrs. Murdock
Hannibal in "Lease with an Option to Die"
("Please, not his yo-yo hand!!")

>9. Carlos "Blue Moon" Mendoza
Murdock in "A Little Town with an Accent" - don't forget the z!

>10. Dr. Pepper
Face in "Pros and Cons"

>11. Donny and Marie
Murdock and BA in "Bad Time at the Border". Go watch it again
if you don't believe me.

This week's question is concerning one specifc episode: "The Grey Team,"
the last episode of the series (or next to last episode, depending on how
you want to argue the point...). Anyway, this episode is chock full of
in-jokes, specific to the series and tv media in general. I counted five
in total. How many can you catch?

Finally this edition, part of the Mr. T bio info I promised last issue.
This comes right out of a VERY old (1983) British fanzine, "The A-Team
File #1". I know I'm violating 'zine etiquette in copying this here,
but considering that: (1) this 'zine is very old and decidedly out of
print; (2) I've been pretty free-wheeling about copying stuff from
regular magazines like TV Guide verbatum here and no one's rasied any
objections; (3) this is the most bio information on T I've managed to
find anywhere, I figured I would go ahead and share it here. There's
no author credit given, so I can't tell ya who to thank for writing this,

Mr. T was born Laurence Tureaud on 21 May 1952 in the rough
southside ghetto area of Chicago. He is the second to youngest of
twelve children (he has four sisters and seven brothers) and grew up
in the housing projects of Chicago. His father left when he was 5,
and his mother raised the family on $87 a month welfare in a three-
room apartment. Mr. T's brothers encouraged him to build up his body
in order to survive in the area, and he has commented, "If you think
I'm big, you should see my brothers!" His mother is a religious
woman, who has had a strong influence on him. He says, "Any man who
don't love his momma can't be no friend of mine."
He was an average student in school. "Most of the time," he
says, "I stared out the windows, just daydreaming. I didn't study
much because I have a photographic memory." Apart from one spell
between 5th and 7th grades when he went a little astray -- playing
hookey, cursing, acting tough, being disrespectful -- he was a well-
behaved child. (He worried about how his mother would feel if he
ended up in jail, and stayed out of trouble!) He attended Dunbar
Vocational High School.
He was a college football star, studied martial arts, and was
three times city wrestling champion! He won a scholarship to
Prairie View A&M University in Texas, but was thrown out after a year
-- after that he went to a couple of little colleges in Chicago,
always on an athletic scholarship.
When he left college, Mr. T was a military policeman in the US
Army. After that, he was invited to try out for the Green Bay
Packers, but a knee i


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