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Volume 1 Issue 18

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The totally unofficial A-Team electronic mail newsletter

Submission address:

Administrivia: Nicole Pellegrini
Please use the following addresses for subscribe/unsubscribe
and back issue requests:,

DATE: May 8, 1995
Hi everyone!

Hope everyone's having a great spring and not stressing too
badly over final exams--us college and professional school
types, anyway. If you've been waiting to hear from me about
something for a while, never fear, I'll be getting back to you
very shortly now that I have my life back (mostly) under control.

I'd also like to say a special hello to a bunch of new
subscribers this week. I've lost count of the number of times
people have contacted me saying they thought they were the only
A-Team fan left out there today, but obviously there's plenty of
us around.

On to general news and info...

Here's the answers to last week's trivia challenge. did quite the thorough job answering them, so
I'm just copying her answers in here:
Date: Sat, Apr 29, 1995 2:42 PM EST
From: DanaLeigh
Subj: This week's trivia
To: Onthejazz

1. Hannibal likes "dirty garbage" - at least he did in "The Out-of-Towners."

2. I think it was in "Steel" - Face used his last cigar to set a bottle of
sherry on fire and escape from the mobster - Crazy Tommy T, or something like
that. Hannibal was not pleased.

3. Hannibal reluctantly put Dr. "Mo" Sullivan in her own closet in "Black Day
at Bad Rock."

This issue's trivia question: Can you identify at least 3 different
occaisions when the team used food--or some edible object of some
type--as a weapon? Send in your answer, and if you're correct you too
can be honored as a true team-trivia expert!

As mentioned in a brief message last weekend, Dirk Benedict
was in last Saturday's episode of Walker Texas Ranger, and it...
was...weird. Very weird. Not that I've seen many episodes of
Walker before, but I doubt they typically do shows revolving
around UFOs and the government working on secret alien
technology. Seemed like it should have been an X-Files episode
actually, right down to the creepy music and lighting. Dirk
was playing one of the government bad guys who ends up getting
blown up at the end. What was kind of interesting was that I
noticed it was written by Steven Sears, who co-wrote several A-Team
episodes (Trouble Brewing, Mission of Peace, Theory of
Revolution, and Family Reunion), and if I remember correctly it was
directed by Tony Mordente, a frequent A-Team director as well.
Just a bit of useless trivia there for you. If anyone missed the
episode and needs a copy, just let me know.

Speaking of UFOs...I just got a copy (much thanks, Val!) of a
rather bizarre interview with Dwight Schultz from "UFO" magazine where
he mainly talks about one of his big hobbies/interests -- UFO
investigations. If anyone here is interested in seeing it, I can
transcribe it in a future issue, just holler.

A special note to our AOL subscribers: If you've got a problem,
and no one else can help, then maybe you should check out the
"team for hire" folder in the FFGF messaging/Star's End Bar Sector
folder (Keyword: RDI, to get there). Murdock, BA, Face, Socki, and
even Hannibal's daughter Hanna are all there and might just take on
your case, though they're pretty busy fighting dragons and chasing
down the missing Colonel right now...

And finally, speaking of Colonel Smith, here's a short biography
of George Peppard from the same old 'zine I got the T biography
from in the last two issues. Sure, it's over ten years old, but
there's plenty of interesting facts in it:

George Peppard has led something of a chequered life-he's
been a movie star, headlined two hit TV shows, and been married
three times (or perhaps that should be four)...
He was born in Detroit, Michigan, on October 1, 1929, the
son of a building contractor and an opera singer. He left school
to serve as a Sergeant in the US Marine Corps. He went on to
become a disc jockey, a bank clerk, a motor-cycle mechanic, a
taxi-driver, a fencing instructor, and then got a degree in civil
engineering. He then decided to go into acting, and went to the
Actors' Studio, progressing into stage work in New York.
In 1954 he married for the first time, to Helen Davis, and a
year later their son, Bradford, was born. Their second child,
Julie, was born in 1960. The couple divorced in 1965.
In 1966, on the set of "The Carpetbaggers," Mr Peppard (by
now a much-sought-after actor and considered something of a
hellraiser in Hollywood circles) met and fell for co-star
Elizabeth Ashley. They were married the same year, and had a
stormy relationship during the course of they divorced and
remarried; they were finally divorced in 1972. They have a son,
Christian, who is now (in 1983) 14. Ms Ashley wrote an
autobiography based around her marraige which indicated that
Mr Peppard had beaten her, although he denies this.
During these two marraiges, Mr Peppard had continued to
make top quality movies, and was described as "a good actor and a
worthy leading man."
In 1972, Mr Peppard appeared in a pilot
movie, "Banacek," whick was picked up by the studio to become a
series and was something of a success, transforming its star from
being considered as a movie actor to a TV personality. When the
show folded, however, Mr Peppard had financial problems with two
alimonies to pay. However, in 1976 he married Sherry Boucher, an
actress 20 years his junior.
In 1978 Mr Peppard mortgaged his home in order to produce,
direct and star in a film entitled "Five Days From Home." This
was the story of an ex-lawman convicted of manslaughter for the
killing of his wife's lover. With only six days left on his
sentence, the lawman breaks out of a Louisiana prison to see his
critically-injured son. The film had an action-oriented script
by William Moore and also starred Neville Brand and Peppard's
then-wife, Sherry Boucher. Unfortunately, the film didn't become
the success for which Mr Peppard had hoped, and he was obliged to
return to somewhat pedestrian films to make ends meet.
Mr Peppard was offered the lead role in a series to be
entitled "Oil," which he accepted, but an exchange of ill-worded
telegrams between the actor and the studio head led to his being
fired; his role was taken by John Forsythe and the name of the
series was changed to "Dynasty."
After this, things went from bad to worse financially for
Mr Peppard. Now divorced from Ms Boucher (in 1979; the reason
given is that Mr Peepard wanted his wife to remain home whilst
she wished to continue having an acting career...this seems
unlikely, as he was prepared to have her co-star in his own
movie, however!), faced with three alimonies to be paid, Mr
Peppard was forced to take severe stock of himself and concluded
that, having been drinking heavily for some considerable time
(30 years upwards), he had become overly dependent on the
liquor-an alcoholic. He hasn't touched a drop since! He took
up hunting, fishing, jogging, and tennis and underwent
psychoanalysis. He also moved into a much smaller house, giving
up the partying life to which over the years he had become
accustomed (in fact, at one time his parties were thought to be
the best in Hollywood, which is something of a compliment.)
Finances continued to be bad- so much so, in fact, that in
1982 Mr Peppard toured with a stage version of "The Sound of
Music," (THE SOUND OF MUSIC??!! Gag! Hurl! Sorry... nicole) Then came
the offer of the role of Hannibal Smith...for which Mr Peppard
was hand-picked by Stephen Cannel. The studio wasn't keen on the
idea, as Mr Peppard was by this time considered a dangerous has-
been, but Mr Cannell won out...
Mr Peppard earns around 25,000 pounds (Like I said, it's an
English 'zine ...nicole) a week for "The A Team" and considers
the part to be the best of his career. It's certainly helping to
pay the bills!
Mr Peppard's elder son, Bradfor, now 28, is a TV executive,
and his daughter Julie is at college. His younger son,
Christian, lives with him and his girl friend, actress and
painter Alexis Adams (aged 27) in a secluded beach house in the
Santa Monica area.

Well, that's all for the article, and that's all from
me this week. So far only one person has sent in a favorite
quote,, who wrote saying:

>Favorite Murdock quote (this week at least) from Pure-Dee Poison
>Murdock: Sir, as this is Tuesday, it's my feeling that
>Wednesday could occur officially as early as tomorrow."
>Hannibal: Good work Murdock.

Why don't some more people send in theirs?

Anyway, until next time, stay on the jazz.

Quote of the week:

"Ever notice you run into the nicest people in tanks?"
--Hannibal in "Say it with Bullets"
-------------------------* End *-----------------------------


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