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Mobile Ringtones

Keypress Codes:
Nokia 3210 Keypress Sequence - BPM: 100


Nokia 3210 Keypress Sequence - BPM: 125


Manual Input:
For a while now many people have emailed me asking if I knew how to get the A-Team as a ring-tone on their mobile phone. I did not know how this was done, but I was emailed a link to by Leonie Van Slobbe.

To get the ring-tone to work you have to input it in, in your composer menu. Make sure the tempo is set to 100 beats per minute or it will sound very strange indeed.


- Thanks to Angela Savva for the update. She says it works great with her Nokia 3310.

MP3 Format:
Purchase the A-Team Theme in MP3 format for your mobile from Amazon.


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