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Cars Of The Stars Museum

This is a museum located in Keswick, Cumbria, Northern England. They currently have an A-Team van in the museum as well as Kitt from Knight Rider, loads of James Bond cars, and loads more famous cars that were actually used in movies and television.

According to the Cars Of The Stars' website the A-Team van is one of only two that were used for closeup shots as the rest were basically used for the stunts, etc. The museum purchased this van directly from Stephen J Cannell for their museum.

Please visit the Cars Of The Stars website here for further information, such as directions, admission fees, and also if the van is actually on display at the time when your going to visit. They have at present hundreds of cars and therefore they have to swap them about for display. The cars are also in frequent exhibitions throughout the United Kingdom so make sure before you go.

Also you can hire the cars on display, but i have not enquired about the cost. So maybe you can take your family for a day out in the A-Team van!


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