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Captain Crane

Captain Crane - Played by Carl Franklin in seasons 2-4

Colonel Decker's ever present second in command. Wherever Decker was Captain Crane was there too. He did not have much to say, but appeared and helped Decker chase the A-Team at all times.

Carl Franklin Information:

Date of birth: 11th April 1949 in Richmond, California, USA
Height: 1.79m (5ft 10.5inches)
Mini Biography:

Carl Franklin studied history and dramatic arts at UC Berkeley. After several years as a television actor with guest shots, roles in TV movies, miniseries, and appearing as a regular on a few unsuccessful series, he returned to school and received his master's degree in directing from the American Film Institute. He was then hired by Roger Corman's Concorde Films because they were impressed with his thesis film.

Although it took several years, in 1992 Franklin made his directorial breakthrough with the crime drama One False Move (1992), the story of a manhunt for three small-time criminals after a drug deal that had gone bad. The film also earned him the New Generation Award by the Los Angeles Film Critics Association in 1992, the MTV Movie Award for Best New Filmmaker and the IFP Spirit Award for Best Director in 1993.

Franklin wrote and directed Denzel Washington in Devil in a Blue Dress (1995). Despite rave reviews from the critics, the film failed to attract an audience. In 1998 Franklin directed the adaptation of Anna Quindlen's autobiographical novel One True Thing (1998) with Meryl Streep, Renée Zellweger, and William Hurt. This film, too, had difficulty at the box office, but earned Streep Oscar and Golden Globe nominations as a mother dying of cancer.

He returned to television for a few years directing the series "Partners" (1995). In 2002 he returned to films with High Crimes (2002).


In the Heat of Passion (1992)....Det.Rooker
...aka Heat of Passion (USA)
Full Fathom Five (1990)....Fletcher
Last Stand at Lang Mei(1990)....Sergeant T. Deveraux
...aka Eye of the Eagle 3
Eye of the Eagle 2: Inside the Enemy (1989)....Colonel Rawlins
...aka KIA
Too Good to Be True (1988)(TV)
One Cooks, the Other Doesn't (1983)(TV)....Officer Lloyd Green
"McClain's Law" (1981)TV Series....Det.Jerry Cross
Legend of the Golden Gun, The (1979)(TV)....Book
"Centennial" (1978) (mini) TV Series....Beckworth
"Loose Change" (1978) (mini) TV Series....Ed Thomas
"Fantastic Journey, The" (1977) TV Series....Dr. Fred Walters
"Caribe" (1975) TV Series....Sergeant Mark Walters
It Couldn't Happen to a Nicer Guy (1974) (TV)....Hovey
Five on the Black Hand Side (1973)....Marvin

Television Guest Appearances:

"Roseanne" (1988) in episode:"Terms of Estrangement: Part1" (episode#5.1) 9/15/1992
"Roseanne" (1988) in episode:"Tolerate Thy Neighbor" (episode#4.5) 10/15/1991
"MacGyver" (1985) in episode:"Prodigal, The" (episode#1.8) 12/8/1985
"Lou Grant" (1977) in episode:"Streets" (episode #4.7) 12/15/1980
"White Shadow, The" (1978) in episode:"Few Good Men, A" (episode#2.24) 4/4/1980
"Trapper John, M.D." (1979) in episode:"Deadly Exposure" (episode#1.7)
"Good Times" (1974) in episode:"Break Up, The" (episode#3.23) 1976
"Cannon" (1971) in episode:"To Still the Voice" (episode#5.13) 12/3/1975
"Good Times" (1974) in episode:"Love in the Ghetto" (episode#3.6) 1975
"Streets of San Francisco, The" (1972) in episode:"Flags of Terror" (episode#3.8) 1974

Directory Filmography:
El Chico Blanco (2011)
Falling Skies (2011)
Bless Me, Ultima (2010)
The Pacific (2010)
Last Of The Ninth (2009)
The Riches (2007)
Rome (2007)
Out Of Time (2003)
High Crimes (2001)
"Partners" (1999) TV Series
One True Thing (1998)
Devil in a Blue Dress (1995)
...aka Diable en robe bleue, Le
Laurel Avenue (1993) (TV)
One False Move (1991)
Full Fathom Five (1990)
Eye of the Eagle 2: Inside the Enemy (1989)
...aka KIA
Nowhere to Run (1989)
Punk (1986)

Writer Filmography:
Bless My Ultima (2011)
Hardball (2001)
Devil in a Blue Dress (1995) (screenplay)
...aka Diable en robe bleue, Le
Last Stand at Lang Mei(1990)
...aka Eye of the Eagle 3
Eye of the Eagle 2: Inside the Enemy (1989)
...aka KIA



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