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The A-Team Movie
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Frequently Asked Questions

Compiled by N.N. ("Sockii") Pellegrini
This FAQ was used with authorization from Nicole Pellegrini.

Please note that I have edited this FAQ to update it as it was last updated in 1996. This section of the site is extremely useful for finding out interesting information on the A-Team.


What is "The A-Team"?
What was the basic story behind the show? What do we know about the main
Who were those Military Police (MP) "Bad Guys"?
What are the titles of the episodes, and in what order did they air?
Didn't the A-Team premiere after the Super Bowl?
How popular was the show when it first aired?
Did "The A-Team" ever win any awards or nominations? 

Who were the people responsible for the show 'behind the scenes'?
I need to know some bio information on Dirk/Dwight/George/T.
Wasn't there some other actor who played Face in the first episode? What
happened to him?
What happened to Melinda Culea (Amy) and then Marla Heasley (Tawnia)? Why
did they get dumped from the show?
Didn't Mr. T and Peppard have a big falling out on the show?
Why did the show change so much in the fifth season?
Why was the show canceled? 

What does the "A" in the "A-Team" stand for anyway?
What were the makes and models of the A-Team van and Face's corvette?
What type of guns did the A-Team use?
Did anyone ever get killed on "The A-Team"?
For the first four seasons, I thought the Team was a Special Forces unit.
Why were they wearing Air Cavalry uniforms in the Trial episodes?
What famous people guest-starred on "The A-Team"?
Didn't a Cylon make an appearance on "The A-Team" once?
How did "The A-Team" end? 

Am I the only A-Team fan left on the planet?
Okay. So where are all these A-Team fans?
Where can I find the "Onthejazz" newsletter archives?
Can you put some A-Team sound files and movies on your web page?
Where is "The A-Team" airing today?
Where can I get the A-Team video tapes?
Where can I find A-Team merchandise?
Where can I find the A-Team soundtrack cd?
Wasn't there a series of A-Team novels?
Are there any good books out there on "The A-Team," Cannell, and the cast?
What's the deal with fanzines? Where can I get them? 

Where are the show's stars today?
Will there ever be an A-Team reunion or feature movie?
How about an A-Team convention? 




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