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The A-Team Movie
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Old Movie Article

If Kevin Brodbin does his job correctly, it won't be just on mobile phone ringing tones that you hear the 'A-Team' theme in the near future. Brodbin has just been handed the assignment of turning the cult TV series into an action-comedy franchise. The hope is that the movie will be released in 2002.

The writer isn't exactly on Hollywood's A-list, with just Steven Seagal's 'The Glimmer Man' to his name thus far. He will be, though, if he turns 'The A-Team' into the kind of franchise hit that 'Charlie's Angels' is shaping up to be.

It was announced last August that comic book empire Top Cow would be co-producing the 'A-Team' movie adaptation, with the company planning to turn the series into a "year 2000 action-comedy with a contemporary feel".

The original series ran for four years in the '80s and featured four Vietnam vets performing a series of secret operations for cash. The series starred George Peppard (who'll always be the original Hannibal to us), Dwight Schultz, Dirk Benedict and, of course, Mr T as BA Baracus.

Peppard died in 1994, while the careers of the other three members suffered a similar fate after the series ended in 1987. They'll now be keeping their fingers crossed that Brodkin will at least write some cameo roles for them.

Taken From Carlton.


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