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The A-Team Movie
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Track Listing:
1. Somewhere In Mexico / Original "The A-Team (Theme)" [2:13]
2. Saving Face [3:32]
3. Alpha Mike Foxtrot [4:29]
4. Welcome To Baghdad [4:23]
5. The Plan [6:11]
6. Court Martial [3:09]
7. Putting The Team Back Together [3:39]
8. Flying A Tank [6:11]
9. Frankfurt [4:11]
10. Retrieving The Plates [4:10]
11. Safehouse [3:50]
12. Safehouse Aftermath [4:57]
13. Shell Game [2:46]
14. The Docks Part 1 [7:36]
15. The Docks Part 2 [5:47]
16. "I Love It When A Plan Comes Together" / Original "The A-Team (Theme)" [5:26]


By Reacher Creature (Rochester)
"This is a fantastic soundtrack! Alan Silvestri did an amazing job. When I listen to the soundtrack, I can vividly remember that was being played at the time. Let me put it this way, I've played the soundtrack for people that haven't seen the movie, and they loved it. This is a wonderful soundtrack for those who have seen the movie, and want to remember the scenes, and those who have never seen The A-Team. This is a soundtrack that will get people hooked. It's rare when I buy movie soundtracks, and I'm glad I bought this one.

I love it when a soundtrack comes together. :O)"

By Raymond A. Miller III "hinesfan" (Buffalo, New York)
I purchased this score without seeing the movie and I am very pleased with how Alan Silvestri did the score. I have enjoyed his scores from Back to The Future, Forrest Gump, Night at The Museum just to name a few and In my opinion the A-Team score is right up there with the scores I mentioned. I loved the way he incorporated the Actual theme into two pieces of score which are Somewhere in Mexico and I Love It when a Plan Comes Together. Just listening to this score has made me want to see the movie even mor than I did before. If you are a fan of Alan Silvestri's Scores and have seen The A-Team this is the cd to get. I was not dissapointed in the least!

Source: Amazon



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