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The A-Team Movie
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Volume 1 Issue 04

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The totally unofficial A-Team electronic mail newsletter

Submission address:
Administrivia: Nicole Pellegrini,
DATE: October 30, 1994
Greetings again,

Well we've got a pretty stocked issue this week, I hope
everyone finds it amusing and/or informative. BTW, I assume
no one was able to tape the Perry Mason movie for me this week...?
Well, I guess I'll have to try to catch it on one of the
independent stations down here sometime.

And now for this week's...
A-TEAM SIGHTINGS: In case you missed it (I did myself but
should be getting a video copy soon), Dwight Schultz was
apparently in last week's episode of Weird Science as the
voice/face of a computer. More info to come when I actually
see it (or if anyone else here did see it and cares to
Also, Mr. T is going to be one of the hosts on a WWF pay-
per-view event that I believe is on tomorrow night (Halloween),
so you've been warned!

I was asked this week about the current value of the A-Team
action figures released way back when the show was still on. I don't
know how much they're worth, does anyone out there have that info? I
would also be interested in knowing what other collectibles are out
there and what they might be worth.

The third season episode list follows. It is missing some
of the episode titles and writer/director info, so if anyone has
this info readily available, it would be appreciated. I'm catching
most of these in Philly tv syndication right now and am trying to
update the episode guide, but it might take a while.

Speaking of syndication, what other stations around the
country or elsewhere are currently playing the show? I know Channel
9 in New York (WOR) does on Saturdays and Sundays, but not on a
very regular schedule (like one weekend it's on Saturday, the next it's
on Sunday, the week after that it's two episodes in a row, etc...)
Philly Channel 17 (PHL) shows it Mon-Fri at 1 pm, one of the great
things about this town :-)

Well anyway, Happy Holloween!

Season #3 (9/18/84 - 5/14/85) 24 epsiodes

09/18/84 Bullets And Bikinis
The team's third season begins in Florida, where they deal with mobsters
to take over a small beachfront hotel. Joey: Vincent Bagetta. Sandy:
Ross. Tina: Betsy Russell. Councilman Presott: Ben Piazza. Denise: Jeanna

09/25/84 The Bend In The River (2 hours)
Tawnia asks the team to find her boyfriend, an archaeologist last seen on an
Amazon expedition where his party was attacked by a pirate known as "The
Coffin". Brian Lefcourt: Barry Van Dyke. Bobbi: Marta DuBois. Doyle: Mike

10/02/84 Fire
(Stephen Katz; dir. Tony Mordente)
Yet another military nemesis (Charles Napier) takes the team in his sights
while they help a small-town fire chief (Stephanie Kramer) battle a rival
engine company trying to force her out of business. Kelsey: Paul Gleason.
Palin: Christopher Penrock. Farnell: Alan Fudge. Rogan: Buddy Garion.
Brad English.

10/12/84 The Bells Of St Mary's
A singing group from Face's alma mater face threats from a record company
refusing to resign with the label. Charlotte: Deborah Lacey. Luna: Robert
Deiderio. Westerland: Joseph Wiseman. Colonel Twill: Michael Alldridge.
Billy Rey: Reginald Dorsey. (scheduled but not shown)

10/16/84 Timber!
Brother-and-sister loggers ask the team to help battle a self-appointed union
organizer trying to put them out of business. John Lawrence: Joe Lambie.
Smantha: Tracey Brooks Swope. Bull: Beau Starr. Billy: Andre Gower.

10/23/84 Double Heat
(Stephen Katz; dir. Craig R. Baxley)
The search for an accountant's kidnapped daughter pits the team against
mobsters, one trying to prevent the father's grand-jury testimony, the other
trying to insure it. George Olson: Dana Elcar. Jenny Olson: Leah Ayres.
Eddie Devane: Steven Williams. Tommy Largo: Michael Baseleon.

10/30/84 Trouble On Wheels
Hannibal punches into work at an auto plant where parts are being pilfered
profits. Rudy Garcia: Joe Santos. Hoyt Plummer: Mills Watson. Jimmy
James Luisi.

11/13/84 The Island
An ex-Army medic who once saved BA's life sends for the team to fight a group
of thugs who've taken over the tropical island where he doctors the natives.
Johnny Vescari: Paul Drake. Captain Fallone: James Callahan. Ryker: Sonny

11/20/84 Showdown!
Old nemesis Colonel Lynch is confident the team will appear at a wild west
show, where an A-Team of imposters has been terrorizing the owner. Captain
Winnetka: Morgan Woodward. Carrie: D D Howard. Mason: Michael DeLano.
Parker: John Carter.

11/27/84 Sheriffs Of Rivertown
The team assumes sheriff's duties in a construction boom town in South
where a series of "accidents" threatens to close down a power-plant project.
Boyle: Robert Dovi. Nikki: Wendy Kilbourne. Cordoba: Ismael Carlo.

Face's latest flame is abducted by mobsters, but protests when the team
her. Rina: Markie Post. Turian: Richard Lynch.

12/18/84 Breakout!
Decker is back on the team's trail when BA and Murdock are arrested and
fingerprinted after robbers name them as their partners. Deke Logan: Steve
Sandor. Malcolm Jones: Jeff Doucette. Sheriff: Robert Donner. Callie
Russell: Leonore Kasdarf.

01/08/85 Cup A' Joe
A restaurateur wants to acquire a mom-and-pop diner, knowing its value will
skyrocket with the new freeway off-ramp he's arranged. Cactus Jack Slater:
John Ashton. Patty: Lisa Denton. Skeeter: Claude Earl Jones. Joe Dutton:
Dave Shelley. Edith Dutton: Toni Sawyer.

01/15/85 The Big Squeeze
The team opens its own restaurant financed by the loan shark who scared
restaurateur out of taking the team's help against him. Jack Lane: Wings
Hauser. Nathan Vincent: Joseph Sirola. Gino: Al Ruscio. Theresa: Janine

01/22/85 Champ!
Mr T, who got his last serious workout in "Rocky III", returns to the ring as
BA attempts to kayo drug traffickers. Monroe: Alex Rocco. McGurdy: Joe E
Tata. Mick Halligan: Dick Balduzzi. Tina: Holly Gagnier. Roarke: Herman

01/29/85 Skins
The team travels to Kenya to trap poachers who killed a game warden.
John Quade. Madrid: John Calvin. Kamarra: Daphne Maxwell.

02/05/85 Road Games
The stakes are high for Face when he infiltrates a gambling ring to clear a
man's debt and save his foster home. Johnny Royce: Ed Winter. Patty
Daphne Ashbrook. Meekes: Kaz Garas. Decker: Lance LeGault. Crane: Carl
Franklin. Ginger: Katy Baldwin.

02/12/85 Moving Targets
A mideast prince thinks assassins have targeted his soon-to-be-wed daughter,
he hires the team to escort her down the aisle -- but the prospective bride
other ideas. Salina: Sue Kiel. Korem: John Saxon. Senbet: Frank Annese.
Jabar: Jack Heller.

02/26/85 Knights Of The Road
The team mobilizes to aid an auto mechanic who's being driven out of business
by ruthless competitors. Tyler: Don Stroud. Zuniga: Carlos Romero. Corson:
Jim McMullan. Jenny: Deborah Goodrich.

03/05/85 Waste 'Em
Out to stop thugs threatening a man and his blind sister, the team unearths a
plot to dump toxic wastes on a site where the siblings work. AJ: Joseph
Hacker. Lisa: Stacey Nelkin. Archer: John Dennis Johnston. Hagen: Mitch

04/02/85 Bounty
Bounty hunters kidnap Murdock as bait to capture the rest of the team.
Schultz's wife Wendy Fulton plays Kelly. Darrow: Gene Evans. Royko: Bill

04/09/85 Beverly Hills Assault
A Beverly Hills art dealer is stealing originals and replacing them with
Brooks: Dennis Franz. Peggy: Maylo McCaslin. Shawn: Lloyd Bochner.

05/07/85 Trouble Brewing
Two sisters' dreams of marketing all-natural sodas may fizzle under pressure
convert their plant into a brewery. Maryann: Suzanne Barnes. Cathy: Claudia
Christian. Webb: Louis Giambalvo.

05/14/85 Incident At Crystal Lake
(Frank Lupo; dir. Tony Mordente)
A fishing expedition turns into a manhunt when Colonel Decker shows up at the
team's lakeside retreat. Candy: Robert Gray. Mute: Robert Tessier. Roy:
Swofford. Jenny: Kristen Meadows. Crane: Carl Franklin.

Quote of the Week:
"We're like socks. You can put us through a rough wash once, but
you'll never use us again." - Hannibal in "Harder than it Looks"

On to this week's posts...

Subj: RE: A-Team Digest: Vol 1 Issue 1
Date: Tue, Oct 25, 1994 2:49 PM EST

I am a HUGE Dwight Schultz fan, and I have a few more additions to
the list of his tv and movie additions.

theatrical movies:

"The Long Walk Home" : This was an excellent movie that I had to go
all the way to Boston to see because it wasn't widely released. I
believe it is now on video, though. He plays the husband of a
woman played by Sissy Spacick (sp?). His wife supports their black
maid's boycott of the busses and other public transportation in the 1960's
He disagrees with her and the movie has a very exciting climax.
Whoopie Goldberg is also in it.

tv movies:

"A killer among us": He stars with Jasmine Guy. They are both jurors
in a murder trial, and he is the foreman. Guy suspects him of being
the real killer, and tries to prove it after they come to a hung jury
decision. This origionally came out a few years ago, but was on tv
in the Boston area recently.

"Perry Mason: The Case of the Sinister Spirit" I don't remember the
exact plot, but it was set in a haunted mansion.

tv shows:

I remember a few years back there being a tv show called "Lifestories"
possibly. Anyway, Dwight played a elementary school principal. He
and his wife were having trouble having children. The show changed
every week, so he was only in one episode. It was soon cancelled,
and I haven't seen it in reruns.


BTW, my personal favorite A-Team episodes are: The one where Murdock
gets shot; and the one where they are trying to help a dying man
reunite with his daughter during Thanksgiving and Face finds ou
out that the man is his father, too.

Shannon Cullen

Ed. comments...
Thanks for the extra info. I really liked those episodes too. In
"Family Reunion" (the one with Face's father), there's that really
great intense scene after the guy dies and Murdock tells Face that he
might have been his father. Whew! Incidentally, did the alternate
ending (where the guy WASN'T his father) ever air anywhere? I
remember voting in the phone poll when that one first aired :-)


Subj: Re: Special request for anyone who gets TBS
Date: Tue, Oct 25, 1994 5:26 PM EST
X-From: (Tony Friedman)

Dwight Scultz also did another Perry Mason movie in 1989 titled "The Case of
the Musical Murder. I don't get TBS here at the University of Missouri, but
get some to tape them for me. Keep your eyes open for the other Perry Mason.
Also, Dwight Scultz recently did a TV Movie in 1994 titled "Menendez: A
in Beverly Hills". He has a small part in it, but I would like to get my
on a copy if anyone has one. On a closing note, one of my favorite guest
on the A-Team, Lance Legault, had a role on the Knight Rider pilot that aired
on USA Monday and Tuesday. He played a hitman.

From: tnewhous@sdcc15.UCSD.EDU (Travis Newhouse)
Message-Id: <9410282223.AA22047@sdcc15.UCSD.EDU>
Subject: The A-Team Van
Date: Fri, 28 Oct 1994 15:23:44 -0700 (PDT)
X-Mailer: ELM [version 2.4 PL21]
Content-Type: text
Content-Length: 687

Hi Nicole,

I haven't had a chance to read the newsletters you ssent me
yet, but I want to thank you for sending them to me and for putting
me on your mailing list.
Also, I have some input for the digest. I know I asked you
this before, but I don't know if you put it in the digest yet. But,
I would like any information on the A-Team van(i.e. specifications,
year, accessories, colorscheme, etc.) It seems that I though the
colors were only black and red, but in an episode I saw the other
day it looked like the top half was a dark gray, then the red stripe
and then black on the bottom. Anyway, any information on the van
would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot,


Subj: Mr.T. on Silver Spoons
Date: Fri, Oct 28, 1994 5:18 PM EST
X-From: (Michael Spector)
To: (A-Team Newsgroup)

Does anybody remember the episode of the old show "Silver Spoons" where
Mr. T. appears as Ricky's bodyguard? I can't quite recall all the details of
the show, but I know I laughed hard during one scene in Ricky's
classroom. T was sitting in a desk surrounded by students when, I think,
the teacher asked him who he was. His reply was priceless:

"First name: Mister, middle name: dat period, last name: Tee!!"

- Mike

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Subj: No Subject
Date: Sat, Oct 29, 1994 9:32 PM EST

Hello one and all!!!!
I just have to say that I just finished watching the first movie with one of
the actors of the A-Team: Breakfast at Tiffany's. Wow! So, I wanted to ask
about what people knew about George Peppard. And, while I'm at it, how does
series end? I've seen part of the last season, but I don't know how it ends.
Thanks in advance!

I always get a kick out of the recycling of characters in the show.
when they sometimes play good guys, and at others, bad. Like the sheriff in
Black Day at Badrock. For some unknown reason, it strikes me ticklingly. (new

It's neat to see the progression of the team as a "team." They get much more
comfortable in there characters, and in relationship to the others.

I'm sorry to go back to this again, but the Peppards, old and young, look so
different! But they are a lot alike, too. I guess I'm just not used to seeing
such a big difference. (It's really too bad he's dead :-)

Well, I'm off to sit and veg in front of my tv and watch ... ta da!...
Ed. comments...

The recylcing bad & good guys is pretty funny. There's an idea for a
list--actors which appeared repeatedly in different roles. A couple that I
always found amusing:

-> Jack Ging, who ended up playing General Fullbright in the 4th season, was
bad guy in "Bad Day at the Border", and I think he was in one or two other
early episodes as bad guys too but I'm not sure.

-> Michael Baseleon, who played mobster Crazy Tommy T in "Steel", came back
as another mobster (Tony something) in "Double Heat." Guess the guy just
has the market cornered on mobsters.

------------------* End *-------------------------------------------


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