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Volume 1 Issue 07

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The totally unofficial A-Team electronic mail newsletter

Submission address:
Administrivia: Nicole Pellegrini,
DATE: November 20, 1994
Greetings everyone,

Just a few things to mention off the bat this week. First
off, I just wanted remind AOL subscribers that if you need
old digests to check the TV Gossip Archive folder, I will be
uploading them on a monthly basis to that site. Later this week
you should also be able to download the complete episode guide
from that site as well, slightly updated from when I've been
posting it here in segments. For everyone else, for now just
contact me personally if you need anything and I will email it
out, within the next few weeks this material, and other things,
should hopefully be available through a www site making things
a bit easier.

Attached is the 5th season episode list, missing most of the
writer/director info for now but to be updated soon. Now that
the episode guide is pretty well taken care of, I've got a few
special things lined up for the newsletter in future weeks which
I think you all may find interesting. First off will hopefully be
some excerpts from a book called "Adventures in Prime Time," a critical
evaluation of - believe it or not - the work of Stephen Cannell,
which contains some interesting passages on The A-Team and
Cannell's "philosophy," so to speak, behind the show. It's
amazing the material that you can find in the library for the
School of Communications down here at Penn! :-)

Anyway, everyone have a good Thanksgiving break! This group's
membership is slowly but steadily growing, currently we have around
40 subscribers. So spread the word that we're here! If any of
you subscribe to any other pay-for-use internet groups like Prodigy
or Compuserve or whatever that has public b-boards of their own set
up, I would really appreciate your help in advertising the group and
how to reach me to join up.

Well that's all for now. Until later...


Quote of the week:

"This is a very exclusive club, Face. What are you, their
token fugitive?" - Hannibal in "Memebers Only"
A-Team Episode Guide
Season #5 (9/26/86 - 3/8/87): 13 episodes

In the fifth-season opener, the team is blackmailed by a retired general
(new regular Robert Vaughn) who kidnaps Hannibal and threatens to have him
prosecuted unless he can secure the release of hostages on a plane in Spain.
Part 1 of 3. Dishpan: Eddie Velez. Carla: Judy Ledford. Ben Al Fradeen:
David Hess. Josh Curtis: Sandy McPeak.

10/03/86 Trial by Fire
Part 2. The team's court-martial begins and things look grim as the
prosecution reveals a suprise motive in the death of Colonel Morrison.
Conway: Byrne Piven. Laskov: David Ackroyd. Judge: JA Preston. Carla:
Judy Ledford.

10/10/86 Firing Line
Conclusion. Murdock and Frankie work feverishly to free Hannibal, BA and
Face before they're executed, but Stockwell seems to be around every corner.
Carla: Judy Ledford. Sergeant Reger: Rodney Saulsberry. Underwood: Frank

10/17/86 Quarterback Sneak
In East Germany, the team uses a "friendly" game of football as a ruse to
sneak out a chemical-warfare scientist who wants to defect. Strasser: Bo
Brundin. Eisler: Lyman Ward. Brecht: Ray Reinhardt. Bryant: Joe Namath.

10/24/86 The Theory of Revolution
The team is sent to rescue three Americans from a Third World country and
becomes embroiled in the island's ongoing revolution. Martien: Castulo
Guerra. Commandant: Alejandro Rey. Bonita: Tasia Valenza. Jefferson:
Pepe Serna. Terensky: Vadimir Skamorovsky.

10/31/86 The Say Uncle Affair
Stockwell is kidnapped and the team must find him within 18 hours or his
operations will be terminated -- as well as his deal with the team. Ivan
is played by David McCallum. Reynolds: Toni Attell. Kwai Li: James Saito.
Borofsky: Eric Goldner.

11/07/86 Alive at Five
Face's plans to leave the team are put on hold when the team is ordered to
rescue a newswoman from a paranoid mob chief. Sally: Valerie Wildman.
Tedesco: Richard Rommus. Brooks: Red West. Nolting: Linden Chiles.
Cates: Dennis Fimple.

11/14/86 Family Reunion
A former political advisor's deal to trade a diary for a team-arranged
with his daughter takes on new meaning when Murdock learns that the man may
Face's father. AJ: Jeff Corey. EB: Terri Treas. Owens: Beau Billinglea.
Kendall: Anna Rapagna. [Viewers may vote on the outcome of tonight's episode
by calling a 900 number provided during the telecast.]

11/28/86 The Crystal Skull
(Bill Nuss; dir. Micheal O'Herily)
The guys' quest to secure a valuable religious artifact brings them face to
face with warring island tribes -- and some unusual "missionaries". Chief
Walekino: Sam Hiana. Chief Sikahama: Manu Tupou. Kolov: Art Tizan. Leesa:
Rochelle Ahsana. McVee: Jack Verbois.

12/12/86 The Spy Who Mugged Me
Murdock poses as a suave secret agent to trap a killer before he can complete
another mission. Dominique: Karen Kopins. Jourdan: Ray Dotrice.

12/19/86 Point of No Return
When Hannibal is thought to be missing or dead in Vietnam, Stockwell and
the team go in to rescue him.

12/30/86 The Grey Team
(Tom Blomquist; dir. Micheal O'Herily)
A girl who believes her father's selling out to the Soviets grabs his
and runs, and it's up to the team to bring her in from the cold. Paula: Maya
Kordick. Bernie: Lew Ayers. Sarnoff: Tony Steedman. Randy: Michael
[Last show of the series, but a lost episode was aired in 3/87.]

03/08/87 Without Reservations
Frankie and Face visit Murdock at his job at a restaurant, and the three are
taken hostage by mobsters out to kill a patron: the US Attorney General.
Mills Watson. Joey: Bobby Di Cicco. Gina: Ely Pouget. Sal: Alfred Dennis.
Henderson: Lonny Chapman.

Subj: films
Date: Mon, Nov 14, 1994 2:57 AM EST
From: ipcjmm@Skferc.NL
Sender: ipcjmm@Skferc.NL
Reply-to: ipcjmm@Skferc.NL


Date: 1994-Nov-14 08:56am CDT
From: Jasper Molenmaker
Dept: Inf. Systems & Process
Tel No:

TO: Remote Addressee ( _INET"""ONTHEJAZZ@AOL.COM""" )

Subject: films

Hey all you A-fans,

While wondering around on Internet using WWW, I found some sort of a film
database. So what would you do with such a film database when you are an
A-team fan???
Exactly :-)
So here is a list of some A-team characters and the films they played in.


Dwight Schultz
1.Alone in the Dark
2.Bitter Harvest (1981) (TV)
3.Child of Rage (TV)
4.Dial 'M' for Murder (1981) (TV)
5.Fan, The (1981)
6.Fat Man and Little Boy
7.Killer Among Us, A (TV)
8.Last Wish (TV)
9.Long Walk Home, The
10.Menendez: A Killing in Beverly Hills (TV)
11.Perry Mason: The Case of the Musical Murder (TV)
12.Perry Mason: The Case of the Sinister Spirit (TV)
13.Temp, The
14.Thin Ice (1981) (TV)
15.Victim of Love: The Shannon Mohr Story (TV)
16.When Your Lover Leaves (TV)
17.Woman with a Past (TV)
18."A-Team, The"
19."Star Trek: The Next Generation"

George Peppard
1.Tigress, The 1992 [Sid Slaughter]
2.Night of the Fox (TV) 1990
3.Man Against the Mob: The Chinatown Murders (TV) 1989
4.Silence Like Glass 1989
5.Man Against the Mob (TV) 1988
6.Target Eagle 1984
7."A-Team, The" 1983-1987 [Col. John "Hannibal" Smith]
8.Race to the Yankee Zephyr 1981 [Theo Brown]
9.Treasure of the Yankee Zephyr 1981
10.Battle Beyond the Stars 1980 [Cowboy]
11.Crisis in Mid-air (TV) 1979
12.From Hell to Victory aka Da Dunkerque alla Vittoria aka De l'Enfer a la
Victoire 1979
[Brett Rosson]
13.Torn Between Two Lovers (TV) 1979
14.Your Ticket Is No Longer Valid 1979
15.Five Days from Home 1978 [T.M. Pryor]
16.Damnation Alley aka Survival Run (1977/II) 1977 [Denton]
17."Doctors' Hospital" 1975-1976
18.Guilty or Innocent: The Sam Sheppard Murder Case (TV) 1975
19.One of Our Own (TV) 1975
20.Newman's Law 1974
21.Banacek (TV) aka Detour to Nowhere (TV) 1972 [Banacek]
22.Groundstar Conspiracy, The 1972 [Tuxan]
23.Bravos, The (TV) 1971
24.One More Train to Rob 1971 [Harker Fleet]
25.Cannon for Cordoba 1970 [Rod Douglas]
26.Executioner, The (1970) 1970 [John Shay]
27.House of Cards (1969) 1969 [Reno]
28.Pendulum 1969 [Captain Matthews]
29.P.J. 1968
30.What's So Bad About Feeling Good? 1968
31.Rough Night in Jericho 1967 [Dolan]
32.Tobruk 1967
33.Blue Max, The 1966
34.Carpetbaggers, The 1964 [Jonas Cord Jr.]
35.How the West Was Won 1962 [Zeb Rawlings]
36.Breakfast at Tiffany's 1961 [Paul Varjak]
37.Home from the Hill 1960 [Rafe Copley]
38.Subterraneans, The 1960
39.Pork Chop Hill 1959 [Fedderson]
40.Strange One, The aka End as a Man 1957

Dirk Benedict
1.Feminine Touch, The (1994) 1994
2.Bejeweled (TV) 1991
3.Blue Tornado 1991
4.Body Slam 1987
5."A-Team, The" 1983-1987 [Lt. Templeton "Faceman" Peck]
6.Trenchcoat in Paradise (TV) 1983
7.Ruckus 1982 [Kyle Hanson]
8.Scruples (TV) 1981
9.Georgia Peaches, The (TV) aka Follow That Car (TV) 1980 [Dusty
10.Underground Aces 1980
11.Scavenger Hunt 1979
12."Battlestar Galactica" 1978-1979 [Starbuck]
13.Battlestar Galactica (TV) 1978 [Starbuck]
14.Cruise Into Terror (TV) 1978
15.Journey from Darkness (TV) 1975
16."Chopper One" 1974
17.W 1974 [William Caulder]
18.SSSSSSS 1973 [David]
19.Georgia, Georgia 1972

Mr. T
1.Magic of the Golden Bear: Goldy III, The 1994
2.Freaked aka Hideous Mutant Freekz 1993 [Bearded Lady]
3."T. and T." 1987-1990
4.Toughest Man in the World, The (TV) 1984 [Bruise Brubaker]
5."A-Team, The" 1983-1987 [Sgt. Bosco "B.A." Baracus]
6.D.C. Cab 1983 [Samson]
7.Penitentiary II 1982
8.Rocky III 1982 [Clubber Lang]

Melinda Culea (Amy)
1.Wagons East 1994 [Constance Taylor]
2.Through the Eyes of a Killer (TV) aka Master Builder, The (TV) 1992
[Alison Rivers]
3.Fisher King, The 1991 [Sitcom Wife]
4."Glitter" 1984-1985 [Terry Randolph]
5."A-Team, The" 1983-1987 [Amy Allen (1983)]
6.Little Sex, A 1982
7.Rules of Marriage, The (TV) 1982
8."Knots Landing" 1979-1993 [Paula Vertosick (1989-1990)]
9.Manhattan 1979

Maria Heasley (Tawnia)
1.Marrying Man, The aka Too Hot to Handle (1991) 1991 [Sheila]
2."A-Team, The" 1983-1987 [Tawnia Baker (1984)]

Lance LeGault (Decker)
1.Rebel Highway (TV) 1994
2.Roadracers (TV) 1994
3."Wild West, The" (mini) 1993 . Note: (voice)
4.Welcome to Spring Break 1990 [Rev. Bates]
5.Three on a Match (1987) (TV) 1987 [Hornet]
6.Iron Eagle 1986 [General]
7.Kidnapped (1986) 1986 [Victor Nardi]
8."A-Team, The" 1983-1987 [Col. Roderick Decker (1983-1984)]
9.Fast-Walking 1982 [Lt. Barnes]
10.Amy 1981
11.Stripes 1981 [Col. Glass]
12.Kenny Rogers as The Gambler (TV) aka Gambler, The (1980) (TV) 1980
13.Reward (1980) (TV) 1980
14."French Atlantic Affair, The" (mini) 1979 [Lester Foyles]
15.Coma 1978 [Vince]
16.French Quarter 1977

Eddie Velez (Sanchez)
1.Bitter Vengeance (TV) 1994 [Carver]
2.John Carpenter Presents Body Bags (TV) 1993
3.Danger Island (1992) (TV) 1992 [Vic]
4.From the Files of Joseph Wambaugh: A Jury of One (TV) 1992 [Tommy Alomar]

5."Drug Wars: The Camarena Story" (mini) 1990
6."True Blue" 1989 [Officer Frankie Avila]
7.Romero 1989 [Lieutenant Columa]
8.Rooftops 1989 [Santiago, "Lobo"]
9.Shannon's Deal (TV) 1989
10.True Blue (1989) (TV) 1989
11."Trial and Error" 1988 [John Hernandez]
12.Split Decisions 1988 [Julian "Snake" Pedrosa]
13.C.A.T. Squad (TV) aka Stalking Danger (TV) 1986 [Carlos]
14.Extremities 1986 [Officer #1]
15."Charlie & Co." 1985-1986
16.Children of the Night (1985) (TV) 1985 [Tom]
17.Doin' Time 1985 [Wetback]
18.Repo Man 1984 [Napo Rodriguez]
19.Summer Fantasy (TV) 1984 [Stratis]
20."A-Team, The" 1983-1987 ["Dishpan" Frankie Sanchez (1986-1987)]

William Lucking (Lynch)
1.River Wild, The 1994 [Frank]
2.Extreme Justice 1993 [Cusak]
3.Poisoned by Love: The Kern County Murders (TV) 1993
4.Rescue Me 1993 [Kurt]
5.Duplicates (TV) 1992
6.Babe Ruth (TV) 1991
7.Hell Hath No Fury (TV) 1991
8.Parker Kane (TV) 1990
9.Sparks: The Price of Passion (TV) 1990 [Cam Wilson]
10.Forgotten, The (TV) 1989 [Westford]
11.Naked Lie (TV) 1989 [Webster]
12.Ladykillers (1988) (TV) 1988 [Captain Bucholtz]
13."Napoleon and Josephine: A Love Story" (mini) 1987 [Dupont]
14."Outlaws" (1986) 1986-1987 [Harland Pike]
15.Kung Fu: The Movie (TV) 1986 [Wyatt]
16.That Secret Sunday (TV) 1986 [Detective Bernie Hodges]
17.Death in California, A (TV) 1985
18.J.O.E. and the Colonel (TV) 1985
19."A-Team, The" 1983-1987 [Col. Lynch (1983-1984)]
20.Oklahoma Crude 1973 [Marion]
21.Magnificent Seven Ride!, The 1972 [Walt Drummond]
22.Hell's Belles 1968

Robert Vaughn (Stockwell)
1."Danger Theatre" 1993 [Host]
2.Blind Vision 1992 [Mr. X]
3.Camerone (TV) 1992
4.Lincoln (TV) 1992 [Voice of Isaac Arnold]. Note: (voice)
5.Buried Alive (1990/I) aka Edgar Allan Poe's Buried Alive 1990 [Doctor
6.Dark Avenger (1990) (TV) 1990
7.Perry Mason: The Case of the Defiant Daughter (TV) 1990 [Jay Corelli]
8.Transylvania Twist 1990
9.Brutal Glory (V) 1989
10.C.H.U.D. II - Bud the Chud 1989
11.Nobody's Perfect (1989) 1989 [Dr. Duncan]
12.River of Death 1989 [Wolfgang Manteuffel]
13.That's Adequate 1989
14.Captive Rage 1988
15.Desperado (1987) (TV) 1987 [Sheriff Whaley]
16.Hour of the Assassin 1987
17.Nightstick 1987 [Ray Melton]
18.Skeleton Coast 1987 [Colonel Schneider]
19.Black Moon Rising 1986 [Ryland]
20.Delta Force, The 1986
21.Murrow (TV) 1986
22.Prince of Bel Air (TV) 1986 [Stanley Auerbach]
23."Evergreen" (mini) 1985 [John Bradford]
24.International Airport (TV) 1985
25.Private Sessions (TV) 1985
26."A-Team, The" 1983-1987 [Gen. Hunt Stockwell (1986-1987)]
27."Emerald Point N.A.S." 1983-1984 [Harlan Adams (1983-1984)]
28.Intimate Agony (TV) 1983
29.Return of the Man from U.N.C.L.E., The (TV) 1983
30.Superman III 1983 [Ross Webster]
31."Blue and the Gray, The" (mini) 1982 [Senator Reynolds]
32.Fantasies (1982) (TV) 1982 [Girard]
33.Inside the Third Reich (TV) 1982
34.Question of Honor, A (TV) 1982
35.Day the Bubble Burst, The (TV) 1981
36.S.O.B. 1981 [David Blackman]
37.Battle Beyond the Stars 1980 [Gelt]
38.City in Fear (1980) (TV) 1980
39.Cuba Crossing aka Assignment: Kill Castro aka Kill Castro aka
(1980) aka Sweet Violent Tony 1980 [Hud]
40.Doctor Franken (TV) 1980
41.Hangar 18 aka Invasion Force 1980 [Gordon Cain]
42.Virus 1980 [Barkley]
43."Backstairs at the White House" (mini) 1979 [Woodrow Wilson]
44.Good Luck, Miss Wyckoff aka Shaming, The aka Sin, The (1979) 1979
45.Gossip Columnist, The (TV) 1979
46.Rebels, The (TV) 1979
47."Centennial" (mini) 1978-1979 [Morgan Wendell]
48.Brass Target 1978 [Colonel Donald Rogers]
49.Islander, The (TV) 1978
50."Washington: Behind Closed Doors" (mini) 1977
51."Captains and the Kings" (mini) 1976 [Charles Desmond]
52.Kiss Me...Kill Me (1976) (TV) 1976 [Fuller]
53.Babysitter, The (1975) aka Raw Edge, The (1975) aka Wanted: Babysitter
54.Towering Inferno, The 1974 [Senator Gary Parker]
55."Protectors, The" (1972) 1972-1973
56.Woman Hunter, The (TV) 1972
57.Clay Pigeon (1971) 1971 [Neilson]
58.Statue, The 1971 [Ray]
59.Julius Caesar (1970) 1970
60.Mind of Mr. Soames, The 1970
61.Bridge at Remagen, The 1969
62.If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium 1969 [Bit: Photographer]
63.Bullitt 1968 [Walter Chalmers]
64.Helicopter Spies, The (TV) 1968
65.Spy in the Green Hat, The 1968
66.Venetian Affair, The 1967
67.One Spy Too Many 1966
68.To Trap a Spy 1966
69."Man from U.N.C.L.E., The" 1964-1968
70."Lieutenant, The" 1963-1964
71.Big Show, The (1961) 1961 [Klaus]
72.Magnificent Seven, The 1960 [Lee]
73.Young Philadelphians, The 1959 . (S:AAN)
74.Good Day for a Hanging 1958
75.Hell's Crossroads 1957
76.Ten Commandments, The (1956) 1956 [Spearman]
77.I'll Cry Tomorrow 1955 [Bit: Photographer]

Thanks, Jasper, for the lists. They ought to come in handy for
collecting purposes! I've seen a few of the Peppard movies, one
that I remember being particularly good was The Blue Max, where
he plays an ace fighter pilot for the German army in WWI. A
bit dated, but still an excellent movie. Another one which is
supposedly really good is "Pork Chop Hill," I actually just
bought that one for my grandfather who is a real war-film buff.
I'll probably watch it over Thanksgiving break.
Kind of hard to locate on video, but it is out there. "Battle
Beyond the Stars" is a totally cheesy bad sci-fi movie, but
funny to watch because it features both Peppard and Vaughn years
before they would team up again in The A-Team.

Does anyone remember another Peppard movie, I think it was an
early-80's tv movie, about a group of people trying to traverse
the country after a nuclear war? I remember it being pretty
cool, at least I thought so when I was a little kid and first
saw it.

I think "True Blue" must've been the short-lived Eddie Velez
tv-show thast I remembered and liked. Anyone else remeber this
one? One of the last great 80's tv-action show, IMO, before tv
wimped out and went politically-correct.

Anyway, looks like I've got a few more Dwight Scultz movies to
track down now. I remember seeing "The Fan" years ago, his part
is REALLY small, so it's not worth tracking down just for his
appearance in it. "When Your Lover Leaves" I finally caught and
taped the other week...Dwight is only in three scenes, maybe 5
minutes on-screen in total, but it's a pretty good tv-movie. It's
mostly interesting because it features a very young-looking Ed O'Neil
of "Married with Children" fame in a fairly significant part.

Subj: Mr. T Cereal
Date: Mon, Nov 14, 1994 2:12 PM EST
X-From: (Michael Spector)
To: (A-Team Newsgroup)

I was just wondering if anyone actually tried the Mr. T cereal. Up here in
Canada I don't think we ever had the chance to buy it.

- Mike

Subj: RE: A-Team Digest: Vol 1 Issue 6
Date: Mon, Nov 14, 1994 10:41 AM EST
X-From: (Frank Cortez)

Howdy Folks!

I've read long enough, my turn to contribute *my* $.02---

First, as Nicole mentioned, there was a short lived cartoon called "Mr. T".
I'm so glad she remembered it, as I was beginning to think I was the only
one who ever saw it. As I remember it, it was a Saturday-morning-type
cartoon, aimed at the kiddies. I don't remember the exact premise, but the
set-up was Mr. T., a politically correct mix of young people, a little brat
who called himself "Little T", and a dog with a Mr. T haircut (and attitude)
called "Dozer" (as in bulldozer). The Young people (teens?) were supposed
to be some kind of athletic team that toured the country (and the world) in
a "van" (cooincidence? I think not!) that I believe had some insignia on it,
something like "Team T" or something. "Little T" was supposed to be the
younger brother of one of the female teammates---he was a riot. He dressed
as close as possible to Mr. T, sans mohawk and earrings ('cause his Ma would
have a fit!), and he only had one necklace, I believe. He basically walked
around talking tough like Mr. T, and was always getting in trouble. Typical
brat, but he did a hilarious ten-year-old impression of Mr. T. About all I
remember about the team was that they seemed to have every popular ethnic
group represented, and I think they were gymnasts, or something. Oh, and one
of the team members (I don't remember her name, but she was Asian) had a
photographic memory, which came in handy. The beginning credits were a riot,
because the theme song just kept repeating "Mr. T" over and over, with lots
of music to fill in the blank spots---Sorta like the the theme music to the
Godzilla cartoon (anyone remember that one?). Anyway, anyone else out there
remember this show? I don't think I'll ever forget the sight of Dozer---I
mean, a *dog* with a "Mr. T" mohawk?

Also, while on the subject of Mr. T---I also mentioned to Nicole a bit about
a "Barbara Walters Interview" of Mr. T, *quite* a while back, when he was
first out---anyone out there remember this? I have some highlights from the
interview, but I have to remember them first. Next entry perhaps...

Always on the Jazz,

"I'll tell you why no one wants to ride with you, Hannibal. When you're
on the jazz, man, you dangerous!" - B.A. Baracas

Subj: A-Team on the air
Date: Thu, Nov 17, 1994 2:16 PM EST
X-From: (David Hamilton)

People in the Washington metropolitan area might be able to watch the
A-Team on Channel 54 WNUV. They play it at sporadic times, including late
at night, and usually Sunday afternoons. I saw Hot Shots, the episode with
Markie Post when Murdock thinks he's invisible, last Sunday at 5:00 pm.

Actually, I remember Hot Shots being the one where Murdock goes around
wearing jewerly and acting like BA, 'cause he's driving the van while
BA's away (the jewerly supposedly was necessary because, Murdock said, the
van's steering had been adjusted by BA to account for the extra weight of all
of his gold :-). I remember the invisibility bit being from The Road to Hope
episode ("I'm gone, right Face?" "You always have been, Murdock.")

Anyway, good to know there's another station still airing the show.



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