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The A-Team Movie
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Home » Information » Dirk Benedict Interviewed By The A-Team Resource Page

Dirk Benedict Interviewed By The A-Team Resource Page

Here are a few questions that i was able to ask Dirk Benedict. This was done with the help of Tracy from Dirk Benedict Central these questions were asked in 2002.

What is your favorite memory from your time spent on the set of the A-Team?

"They day they fired Melinda Culea. Just Kidding. My favorite memory is the first day I worked on the show (I wasn't in the pilot) and George Peppard was watching me work and after a scene he came up to me and said,"Great. I'm glad you are here. Now we have a hit." Incidentally, he was never that nice to me again."

Which person did you get along with most, George Peppard, Mr T or Dwight Schultz, why?

"Got along with all of them. Loved all of them. But Dwight and I became and remain very close. I respect him on many levels. As an actor, intellect, father and most of all for his passion for life. A difficult guy to be around as his very presence challenges you. Rare. And wonderful."

If you are not playing the part of Face Man in the new A-Team movie, who would you choose?

"I will not be playing the part of Face Man. That I can guarantee. They would rather have Brandon de Wilde (and he's dead.) than me. I can't think of anyone. Mel Gibson would have been great but he and I look the same age and so asume he is now too old in studio's eyes. Owen Wilson comes to mind. And one of the actors from Friends TV show, can't remember his name.

The one who got married on the show. Tallest of the bunch. Name escapes me. Not the slouchy one, or the one with the spikey hair, think his name is Mathew Perry, but then it might be the "other" one. Brad Pitt is not good enough at light comedy. George Clooney is too self confident. Faceman was always "off balance" and considered himself to be better at everything than he actually was. A basic low self esteem issue. A (very) young James Garner would be perfect. Better yet, Jack Lemon."


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