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5. Today And The Future


George Peppard, sadly, passed away on May 8, 1994, from pneumonia, at the age 65. He had been a "two-pack-a-day" smoker who gave up cigarettes in 1992 after having a non-cancerous tumor removed from his right lung. ["GEORGE PEPPARD, 65, DIES OF PNEUMONIA," USA TODAY, FINAL EDITION, Tuesday May 10, 1994 Sec: D p: 2.] Some of the last things he was involved in were theater productions of "The Lion in Winter" and "Papa," a one-man play on Ernest Hemingway. He also had appeared in several TV movies after TAT, and his last television appearance was in an episode of "Matlock."

Dirk Benedict has done several TV-movies and made guest appearances in TV shows including "Baywatch," "The Commish" and "Walker, Texas Ranger." He has appeared at a number of sci-fi/media conventions, primarily in association with his role on Battlestar Galactica. His most current project is a role in the Disney movie "Alaska," due to be released in the summer of 1996.

Dwight Schultz has kept busy with guest appearances in many TV shows (most recently in "Nowhere Man") and roles in TV movies and several feature films (Fat Man and Little Boy, The Long Walk Home, The Temp.) He had a popular recurring role (5 episodes: "Hollow Pursuits," "The Nth Degree," "The Realm of Fear," "Ship in a Bottle," and "Genesis") on STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION as the shy, awkward Lieutenant Reginald Barclay. Barclay also made an appearance on Star Trek: Voyager (in the episode "Projections") and will appear at least in a small role in the upcoming movie Star Trek: First Contact. Dwight has made appearances at several science-fiction/media conventions in Europe and the US the past year or two as well. He is also the frequent co-host of the Cable Radio Network program "UFOs Tonite!" with Don Ecker, a 2-hour call-in program discussing UFO research and theories.

Mr. T had a short-lived syndicated program after TAT called "T and T." He was also making public appearances and hosting events for the WCW wrestling circuits. Recently, T was scheduled to appear in a pantomime production in England of "Aladdin" as the Genie. However, it was revealed in late '95 that he was suffering from skin cancer (? This was the predominant rumor but never confirmed to my knowledge anywhere) and had to cancel his appearance to return to the States for treatment. Little information has come since then as to what his health condition is; however, he has been spotted making appearance on "The Jay Leno Show" and "The Dana Carvey Show" recently and looking in good health. He also made a cameo appearance in the movie "Spy Hard."

Melinda Culea's most recent role has been that of "Claire" on the TV-show "Brotherly Love." This aired for one season on NBC, and has since been picked up by the WB network for next season. She also appeared for a while on "Knots Landing" (interestingly enough at the same time as Dwight's wife, Wendy Fulton.)

Eddie Velez had recurring roles on several short-lived TV shows, including NBC's "True Blue" and UPN's "Live Shot." He's also appeared in guest-starring roles in many different series and several TV movies as well.

Marla Heasley has pretty much disappeared without a trace.

Check out the news page on site to see the latest details of what the survivng members are now doing.

As of this June, there is. The following comes from Variety magazine:
HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - ``The A-Team'' is set to become the latest television series to get a new life on the big screen.
Universal Pictures plans a big-budget version of the action-comedy show which starred Mr. T and the late George Peppard for summer 1998.
The series was about a group of outcast Vietnam veterans who secretly banded together to fight injustices around the country, using the skills they learned in the war, while evading capture by government officials.
Dirk Benedict and Dwight Schultz rounded out the case of the NBC hit, which ran from 1983-87 and is still in syndication with 100 episodes.
Producer Stephen J. Cannell said the movie would pit the A-Team against a group that is trying to take over the U.S. and that would adopt a more serious tone than the TV series.
He said he would look to give cameos to the three survivors but would recast the lead roles with feature stars.
``We will probably try to find parts for members of our series to pay homage to them,'' he said. ``But basically we're going to be recasting this with other people -- doing an updated version of the A-Team, circa today.''
Universal has hired Richard Hatem, who co-wrote ``Under Siege 2: Dark Territory,'' to pen a version of the picture for an initial $250,000.
As for the budget, Cannell said it will be on a par with any of the major action vehicles over the last few years.
``'The A-Team' had the biggest action elements of any TV series in the '80s,'' he said. ``I think that certainly the action elements in this piece have to be the equivalent to what you've been seeing.''
NOTE: It has finally been confirmed by Stephen J Cannell that the A-Team will be made into a major motion picture. Check out the new movie page for the production.

We certainly hope so! This is something that has been under thought and consideration for a while now; currently, Liz Meinert is the person most involved in the idea and any planning for SCAMCON, but don't expect to see it happening until several years down the line at this point. If you'd like to contact Liz regarding the con (like, to volunteer ideas, money, publicity, money, time, money...) you can contact her at


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