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Mr. T.'s Cancer Battle

By Joal Ryan - October 12th 1998

It's hard to keep an A-Team guy down.

Iconic, only-in-the-'80s TV star Mr. T is beating a battle with cancer, a rep for the actor tells today's New York Post.

It was just last May that the Mohawked One (real name: Lawrence Tureaud) appeared on Entertainment Tonight to announce he was sick (with lymphoma) and broke (with about $200 in the bank).

It's not known how the bank account is looking these days, but his health is reportedly back in the black.

The Post reports that Mr. T, 46, is feeling so good these days, he's ready to assert his market-given rights as an American of the late 20th century--and (but of course) write a book about the whole ordeal.

There's no title, no publisher and no due date yet, the agent tells the Post, but one can dream, right? (Think of the TV-movie-of-the-week possibilities.)

In the 1980s (but of course), Mr. T was something of a force in the publishing industry. He penned his (first) autobiography, Mr. T: The Man with the Gold, in 1984. He also starred in a series of kids' books in which the former bouncer shared life lessons in oh-so magical adventures such as The Best Bike Ever.

Mr. T co-starred as Sgt. B.A. ("Bad Attitude") Barracus on NBC's knucklehead action series The A-Team, from 1983-87. He's also known to fight fans as bad-attitude boxer Clubber Lang in Rocky III


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