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Face: "There must be something in this kitchen you could rustle up for dinner - I mean, uh, look: there's a whole lake out there just teeming with fish..."
B.A.: "All I know is this cupboard is as empty as Murdock's head. Hannibal, we're gonna starve to death!"
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Episode Guide - S01E09 - West Coast Turnaround

S01E09 - West Coast Turnaround

Original Air Date: 05-Apr-1983

Director: Guy Magar

Writer: Stephen J. Cannell and Patrick Hasburgh

Cast: Easterland: Stuart Whitman. Ellen: Devon Erickson. Joe Penhall: Robert Sampson. Whittaker: Michael Alldredge. Unknown: Tom McFadden. Unknown: Tim Russovich. Unknown: Caskey Swain. Unknown: Jim Boeke. VA Doctor: Dennis Haysbert.

Review: Very similar story-line to "Timber". The A-Team help out a farmer who has only a few days to get water melons to the market before they are worth nothing. The A-Team are hired - the cost a 3% cut of the profits. They are soon up against the odds because the melons are starting to go bad and the team are under intense pressure from the baddies.

Rating (Out of 10): 9

Goof: When Easterland calls his guys for backup, he says, "Milt, they're coming south, and they mean business. You boys get down here and give us a hand." That would mean that the backup is coming from the northern roadblock, and that B.A. is headed north in the second tractor-trailer truck. That would be consistent with Face's discovery that watermelons are selling for 43 cents more per bushel in 'Frisco. However, when Easterland discovers Hannibal's ploy, he tells his men, "They're heading south. I pulled that roadblock."
Goof: During the climactic chase, Hannibal drops a watermelon that smashes through the windshield of a pickup truck. The truck subsequently goes out of control and crashes, but during the crash the windshield is somehow completely in place.
Goof: When Amy lends her new car to the team the Le Car that was on the side has disappeared.
Goof: Variable weather (from rain to dusty sun in the blink of an eye) during Mr. Easterland's roadblock fiasco.
•Stuart Whitman was billed as Special Guest Star in this episode.

Murdock's T-Shirt:


Hannibal: "Murdock, B.A. take the right. Face, stay with me."
Face: "Ahh, Hannibal, if we're gonna fight, I'd really prefer to be teamed with B.A."
Murdock: "Me too."
Hannibal: "Are you guys saying you don't wanna team up with me?"
Face: "Yes."
Murdock: "Yes."
Hannibal: "Why?"
B.A.: "I'll tell you why. Because when you're on the jazz, man, you're dangerous!"

Ellen: "Who are you?"
B.A.: "I'm B.A. Baracus, and I'm here to pick up your crops!"

Ellen: "This whole plan sounded ridiculous from the start; I should have known it wouldn't work out right."
Amy: "Hannibal's plans never work right. They just work."

Face: "Murdock, can you see?"
Murdock: "I can't even see your teeth!"


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