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Episode Guide - S02E04 - Bad Time On The Border

S02E04 - Bad Time On The Border

Original Air Date: 18-Oct-1983

Director: Bruce Kessler

Writer: Richard Christian Matheson

Cast: Taggart: Jack Ging. Prince: Dennis Lipscomb. Presley: Joey Aresco. Cooper: David Graf. Maria: Edie Marie Rubio. Unknown: Jeffrey Johnson. Robert: Scott Nemes. Unknown: Carlos Lacamara. Cherise: Marla Heasley.

Review: A good episode. A little girl runs away from the people that are smuggling people over the Mexican border into the USA. B.A. comes across the girl at the day-care center. The team then go to Mexico to stop the smugglers, who are holding the little girls mother. The little girl's mother is also very ill so it is a race against time.

Rating (Out of 10): 8

•Marla Heasley has her first part in The A-Team before she is cast as Tawnia Baker. Plays a bikini girl on Face's boat.
•Jack Ging also appears as a guest star for a second time before he takes on the roll of General Fulbright.
Goof: When Murdock says, "Hold on to your feelers" to Herman, the matchbox in the background reads "Blue Tip Matches" from the top to the bottom of the box, and there is no "Herman's Home" tape on the box. In the next shot, a close-up of the box, the writing reads from bottom to top, and the "Herman's Home" tape is visible on the box.

Murdock's T-Shirt:


(Face is feeling seasick)
Hannibal: "You're a terrific shade of green, you know? It brings out the color of your eyes."

Presley: (being threatened by BA) "Look, I haven't got her so why don't you call this jewelery store off me?"
Face: "That's hard to do, very hard to do."

(as Murdock tries on some clothes)
Presley: "What's your size?"
Murdock: "My size? My size is the amount of space I fill up, thanks for asking."

Hannibal: "You're never gonna know where we are, but we know where you are. Now, if you're lying, or if you warn Prince, we'll be back and pull your drapes for good."


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