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Episode Guide - S02E05 - When You Comin' Back, Range Rider?

S02E05 - When You Comin' Back, Range Rider?

Original Air Date: 25-Oct-1983

Director: Christian I. Nyby, II

Writer: Frank Lupo

Cast: Parking Attendant: Tony Ciccone. Daniel: Richard Yniguez. Bus Carter: Morgan Woodward. Lane Carter: Dana Kimmell. Stryker: Miles Watson. Unknown: Walter Brooke. Unknown: Philipe Gordon. Unknown: Alicia Fleer. Wino: Will Hunt. Gretel: Anita Merritt. MP#1: Kevin McBride. Engineer: Bill Dyer. Dexter: Bobby Pass. Flint: Jack Verbois. MP#2: Normal Howell. Unknown: Lynn Shearer.

Review: This is the second of the double A-Team episodes. These double episodes are pretty popular, but in my opinion they are just a bit on the long side! This episode is very good and is similar to the first few season episodes where the cast members look as if they are having great fun. This episode has the A-Team going to help out a native American who is trying to save horses from slaughter by a large ruthless landowner. The A-Team have to travel to their destination using Amy's car as the van is out of order because it was used as a distraction to their getaway from their new pursuor, Colonel Decker. In my opinion this is one of the best 'Decker' episodes. There should have been loads more episodes with Decker pursuing the A-Team as these would have provided great entertainment.

Rating (Out of 10): 8

•Double episode.
•This episode Colonel Decker appears. Relieves Colonel Lynch
•Berths 57 and 58 at the Port of Los Angeles provide the setting for Decker's confrontation with the A-Team, just before Hannibal drives the van out of Berth 58 and into the water.
•Some of the locations used for the car chase after Decker shows up at the party for Face's film: The corner of Mateo St. and S. Santa Fe Ave. in Los Angeles. The bridge in the background is E. 4th St.
The Rezex Corporation (Geltman Industries) building at 1901 Sacramento St.
The Charles G. Spilo building is located at 585 S. Santa Fe Ave. After passing it, they turn under the elevated section of E. 6th St.
After Hannibal says, "They'll never catch us," they turn north on Wilson St. from Bay St. That's where they lose Decker by parking on the car carrier.
•The clip in which Hannibal says to Amy, "Oh, that. File it under old business," while he's carrying B.A. is from the two-hour pilot, "Mexican Slayride." Face's part in the scene has been cut, since the part was played by Tim Dunigan in the pilot.
•The clip of B.A. being loaded into a DC-3 (wearing a purple outfit) is from the season one episode "Holiday in the Hills"; they are trying to escape from the Guatemalan army, not Lynch.
•Decker is handed a file of Lynch's "attempted apprehensions," as the top sheet in the file says. At the bottom of that sheet is a paragraph containing this sentence: "Aledged suspects on or about June 15, 1978 did willfully and knowingly do something really naughty."
Goof: According to the file that Decker is reading, the scene in which Hannibal and Face, on a motorcycle, are being chased by Lynch occurred two months after the incident with the jet in December 1977. However, the footage is actually from the season one episode "One More Time," which took place in 1983.
Goof: When the van goes over the dock into the water it turns into a Ford van, but it's supposed to be a GMC.

Murdock's T-Shirt:


Murdock: "This looks like a job for the Range Rider."
B.A.: "I'm gonna shut this fool up for good."

B.A.: "I'm getting tired of you talking to your invisible friends."
Murdock: "Does he look invisible to you? You cannot see him?"

Bus Carter: "I hope you yahoos enjoy your little trip courtesy Carter Railways. Unfortunately, though, there ain't no return tickets."
Face: "I've always wanted to see the country by rail."

Face: "I really appreciate your trusting me like that."
Woman in Dressing Room: "Let's just say I liked your face."
Face: "Oh? Do I have an honest face?"
Woman in Dressing Room: No, but I like it."

Face: "All right, I want all you high-school dropouts to count to 125 before you even twitch."

(to Bus Carter)
Hannibal: "We're here to file a grievance against the Carter Railway Line for the Wild Horses of America, Western Divisions."
Face: "Not to be confused with the Horses' Butts of America of which we hear you are a member of long-standing."


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