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The A-Team Movie
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Hannibal: "Now, the dope is in the van, see if you can find it before the cops get here. We'll close our eyes, and count to a hundred"
Tom: "My father will have you killed"
Hannibal: "You tell your daddy, if he makes me mad enough I'll come down to Arizona, and wash him out. And tell him to keep his head down. I might be the guy who cleans out his pool, or delivers his mail, or maybe even his golf caddy."
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Episode Guide - S03E06 - Trouble On Wheels

S03E06 - Trouble On Wheels

Original Air Date: 30-Oct-1984

Director: Michael O'Herily

Writer: Mark Jones

Cast: Rudy Garcia: Joe Santos. Hoyt Plummer: Mills Watson. Jimmy Durkee: James Luisi. Williams: Dennis A. Pratt. Unknown: Ken Gibbel. Unknown: Daniel Chodos. Unknown: Don Recasner.

Review: A man at an autoplant is the victim of gangsters who are stealing spare parts and then selling them on. The man hires the A-Team to find out who is doing it and then stop them.

Rating (Out of 10): 8

•Van appears in this episode.
•Murdock annoys B.A. by crushing his foot a couple of times.
•The A-Team make an armored car as their plan. Squirts oil on the bad guys and also has gun turrets.
•Fake B.A. appears driving the van. Also loads of other visible stunt doubles. See bloopers page.
•Murdock goes undercover as "Crazy Willie".
•Episode is set in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, California according to the maps when trying to locate the bad guys warehouse.
•The van is demolished at the auto-plant.
•"Trouble On Wheels" song by Stephen Geyer opens the episode.
•When the rest of the team loses the white van (after narrowly missing the boy with the ball), B.A. brings the A-Team van to a stop on Crocker St., facing 3rd St. - Source
•After Hannibal is knocked out and kidnapped by the bad guys, the rest of the team tails the bad guys' white van through town, passing by Ken's Body Shop, which is still located at the corner of Crocker and E. 4th St. in central Los Angeles. - Source

Murdock's T-Shirt: Moon Over My Amy


Face: "I'll cover the outside. Guy like me'd look out of place on an assembly line and I don't have anything in my wardrobe to go with grease and grime."
Hannibal: "That's alright, Face. Murdock'll help you press your overalls."

(Face arrives to see B.A. is chasing Murdock)
Face: "Well, well, well, isn't this nice? I'm glad to see the two of you can get along without getting into any trouble."
B.A.: "Ain't no trouble, just gonna wring his neck!"

Rudy: "I just wonder if we're doing the right thing here, Hannibal."
Hannibal: "Rudy, whenever you stand up against slimeballs, you're doing the right thing."

Murdock: "You gotta think nice things. Just, just think happy thoughts; go ahead."
B.A.: "Okay. I'm thinkin' you got hit by a bus."

Williams: "Smith said this guy was looney tunes."
Murdock: ""Looney Tunes," huh? What other TV program do you watch regularly?"

(Murdock is spray-painting a wall)
Murdock: "Spraying a smooth and even coat over the surface that you're workin' on."
B.A.: "If you don't shut up, I'm gonna smooth this here over you!"




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