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Episode Guide - S05E01 - Dishpan Man

S05E01 - Dishpan Man

Original Air Date: 26-Sep-1986

Director: Tony Mordente

Writer: Stephen J. Cannell

Cast: Ben Al Fraden: David Hess. Josh Curtis: Sandy McPeak. Unknown: Hector Mercado. Guest star: Andrew Divoff. Unknown: Marcelo Tubert. Unknown: Fernando Escandon. Magaret: Teru Mophie. Melinda: Kally Lynn Pushkin. Controller: Robert Gallo. Doctor: Frank Moon. Akim: Houshang Touzie. Male Nurse: Douglas Johnson. Paramedic: Thomas Stoviak. Newswoman: Patrice Chanel. Able Three: Richard Whitaker

Review: The first 3 episodes of season 5 combine to make the Court Martial. This in my opinion this contains the best story of any episode. Many questions about the A-Team are answered in these episodes and the action and humour comes thick and fast. The A-Team are captured by Hunt Stockwell who tells the A-Team that Captain Curtis is still alive and that he is onboard a plane in Barcelona and that it is held by terrorists and the A-Team have to save him. If Curtis gives evidence the A-Team will get a military pardon so the A-Team go to Barcelona. I don't want to waste the plot for these episodes but these episodes you must see.

Rating (Out of 10): 10

New opening credits and theme premier in this episode for the fifth season.

Murdock's T-Shirt: Stamp Out Cellulite


Frankie "Are you okay?"
Murdock "That has never satisfactorily been determined"

Frankie "Have you tried tanning butter?"
Murdock "Only on pancakes and it was pretty yucky, but it turned my tongue a nice shade of brown."

Curtis "I remember you guys. You're the A-Team!"
Hannibal "Boy, is that music to our ears."

Stockwell "I work inside the system. I keep my skirts clean, I am a dedicated American patriot."
Hannibal "You're also a little pompous."

Hannibal "He says Captain Curtis is alive."
Murdock "Curtis is alive?"
Face "Wait a minute: then he could testify that we hit that bank in Hanoi under orders. Yeah, then we'd uh -- we'd be free to be normal people. No offense, Murdock."


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