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Episode Guide - S05E08 - Family Reunion

S05E08 - Family Reunion

Original Air Date: 14-Nov-1986

Director: James Darren

Writer: Steven L. Sears

Cast: A.J. Bancroft: Jeff Corey. Fake Ellen Bancroft: Terri Treas. Owens: Beau Billingslea. Kendall: Anna Rapagna. Ellen Bancroft: Clare Kirkconnell. Jacob Edwards: John Carter (IV). Unknown: Lou Felder. Sister Margaret: Cory McClendon. Captain: Joe Faust

Review: A dying man returns to the USA with a diary that contains some evidence that a major political figure has been unjust. The dying man asks the A-Team to set-up a reunion with his daughter and he will hand over the diary to them. Murdock also finds out that this man could be Face's father. Murdock is superb in this episode. Not the most action packed of episodes, but well acted.

Rating (Out of 10): 10

Murdock's job is a turkey keeper.

There is a fight between Face and Murdock.

The audience chose the ending via a telephone phone in.

Murdock's T-Shirt:


Hannibal (To Murdock) "I'm sure I can rustle up some soup for you. But the rest of us, we've got to have a turkey." (Stockwell enters)
Stockwell "Afternoon, gentlemen."
Hannibal "I think he's too big for the pot."

Owens "I want Bancroft. I don't give a rat's brain about you or your men."
Hannibal "Well, seein' as you got a rat's brain, I'm tempted to believe ya."

Hannibal "Now, A.J. is only in the country to have a little holiday with his daughter."
Edwards "Don't bull me, Smith. I'm a politician -- bull is my specialty."


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