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The A-Team Movie
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Face: "Well, I hate to be a clock-watcher, Hannibal, but aren't you guys a little late? Late as in I could have been killed?!"
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Episode Guide - S05E12 - The Grey Team

S05E12 - The Grey Team

Original Air Date: 30-Dec-1986

Director: Michael O'Herily

Writer: Tom Blomquist

Cast: Paula Anderson: Moya Kordick. Bernie Green: Lew Ayres. Sarnoff: Tony Steedman. Randy Anderson: Michael Shannon. Unknown: John McLiam. Unknown: Paula Victor. Unknown: Lynn Logos. Unknown: Nick Angotti. Old Man: Eddie Quillan. Staffer: Roger Harris. Erica: Leigh Kilton. Other Man: Allan Graf. Bus Driver: Bob Orrison. Unknown: Paul Petersen

Review: Another good episode. A girl overhears a phone call between her father and a Soviet spy. He is offering Star Wars secrets. It is all an act to bring the Soviets out of cover so that they can be captured, but the little girl does not know this and runs to her friend - an old man, who enlists help from the local nursing home to find out what's happening.

Rating (Out of 10): 8

Murdock's job is trainee manager in a coffee shop.

This was the series finale, but the episode Without Reservations aired after it. Murdock's T-shirt shows this.

Murdock's T-Shirt: Fini


Murdock "I knew it, i had a plan!"

Nemchek "Those people are so afraid of me, they talk to me as little as possible."
Bernie (laughs) "Can't say as I blame them."

Frankie "Oh, great. B.A., if this maniac doesn't kill us, we're all goin' to jail. I bet we don't get to collect $200, either."

Murdock "Just think: if we get a pardon, we may never have to eat a knuckle sandwich again!"
B.A. "I wouldn't bet on it crazy man. Looks like Hannibal's on the jazz again!"
Face "Oh no..."
Murdock (to Hannibal) "No, you tell me right now, you tell me right to my face, you tell me that you don't have a plan."
Hannibal "Well, I...I was thinking, like Bernie and George. What are we gonna do when this thing's over? I mean, what are we really qualified to do?"
Face "Go after thugs in the park"
Hannibal "And outlaw motorcycle gangs organized crime figures why, there's a world of slime-balls out there!"
Murdock "I knew it. I just knew you had a plan."
Hannibal "Comforting, isn't it?"
B.A. "I'll get the van."


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